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April 3, 2014

Hi everyone! I know it has been a while but Maya, Pierson, and I are still here. You’ve heard the saying, “when it rains, it pours”? Well, that is what’s happening here. For the most part, things are still good. It’s just a been little hectic.

Let me give you a quick little update:

First off, I’m not sure if you knew this but my husband and I had housemates. You may have seen a little bit about our friends Sha Sha and Jinbo in previous posts. We have a huge house so we rented the finished basement to them a couple of years ago. And last month, they had to move away. Jinbo got a job in China, so they had to go back home. They have been wonderful housemates and very dear friends these past two years and we miss them a lot. ❤

Our Family Sha Sha Jinbo Etc

Left to Right: Pierson, Jinbo, Jinbo’s mom holding Jinbo’s son Eric, Sha Sha, Jinbo’s dad, me, my husband Li Xi, Maya. Jinbo’s parents lived with us for about 6 months. Sha Sha’s mom was here for a while at one time as well. We had quite the house full. :)

Just before our friends moved away is when I found out my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer with just a few weeks to live. A few weeks have gone by since then and I am very happy to say that she is still doing pretty good. She went through the radiation treatment and steroids have helped shrink the tumors. So except for sleeping a lot more often, she is feeling normal. She stayed with me and my husband for a couple of days, then went on to Oregon where my other two sisters live. I will be driving with my stepdad and their dog Solo to Oregon this coming Monday and staying a week. My sisters and brother and I have a huge party for my mom planned. My mom has a ton of loyal friends who will be coming and it should be the best celebration ever. I know it will make my mom very happy. ❤❤❤

Solo the Border Collie Mix

My mom survived lung cancer a few years ago. This is her after recovery and with her dog Solo. Solo is the reason my stepdad and I are driving to Oregon instead of flying. Solo is a special needs dog my mom rescued from a terrible hoarding situation. Solo would not do well on a plane and my mom didn’t want to leave her behind when she moved to Oregon.

While my mom was staying with me, my husband found out that he had been hired for a new job in Des Moines! This was a huge surprise. Although my husband did apply for the job and even drove to Iowa for the interview, he didn’t really expect to get it. But he did. And it is a huge pay increase that we just can’t pass up. So I have spent the past several days packing up all our stuff and with looking for a new place in Des Moines. I have a lot of stuff, so the packing is slow. My husband starts on 14th of this month. Since I will be gone a week and since I don’t have everything ready at our house, I will still be in Kansas for another few weeks, probably until the end of April.

When I went to the store to get boxes, I saw a big black older dog wandering around in the parking lot. She looked very lost so I convinced her to get into my car. Since she didn’t have tags on her collar, I drove her to the vet to see if she was microchipped. She was! But the first main number was disconnected. There was an alternate number so the vet left a message for them and I took the dog home. Of course, Pierson did not like her. She did not like him either so I had to keep them separate. Luckily, our basement was available since our housemates had moved out. And luckily, the owner called me later in the evening when she realized her dog was missing and found the voice mail. The dog is named Lizzie and she is now home safe and sound.

Lizzie the Lost Dog

Lizzie is at least 10 years old, if not older. She is a black Lab and she is much bigger than my Maya! Lizzie is how home with her family.

It just so happens that the humane society was holding a pet event on the same day I found Lizzie. Lizzie’s mom called just before I went to the humane society so Lizzie didn’t have to spend any time there. Maya did, however. The event was the Mixed Breed Mixer and the humane society invited Lawrence residents to come by their facility with their dogs and hang out in the run pens. Maya got to make new friends while I had a table set up as a vendor with many of my pet auto safety products. Both Maya and I had a great time!

Maya at March Mutt Mixer

Maya and I sure are going to miss the Lawrence Humane Society when we move to Iowa!

Needless to say, I haven’t had a chance to check out your blogs and see what is going on with all of you. I’ve thought about you all and thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers for my mom. I promise that as soon as we get settled in Des Moines, I will get back to blogging and following up with all of you. In the meantime, please feel free to leave me a link below to your best blog posts this past several weeks. Give me a glimpse of what has been happening with you so that it will be easier for me to catch up. Tell me how your little furry friends are doing, how you are doing, if you’ve had any exciting events, etc. I would seriously love to hear from you all.

BTW, even though things have been crazy busy around here, I am still running the website. I haven’t been blogging on the pet auto safety blog, but I am still available by phone or email to answer questions about products and I have assistance in filling orders. If you need anything regarding pet travel, whether it be advice or products, let me know. All my contact information is on the website.

Thank you so much everyone and have a wonderful weekend! :)

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday – My Mom and the Dogs

March 26, 2014

My mom is doing well so far with her recent diagnosis. She is tired often but is keeping a positive attitude and living life as best as possible. It’s amazing how happy she is staying despite the adversity. She has been staying with my husband and I for the past couple of days. Here is a photo of her with Maya and Pierson.

Also, while she is here I have been drawing her beloved dog Rocky who passed away in January. This is what I have done so far. I should be finished with it later today. And around 2pm today, I will be taking her to the airport. She is going to Oregon to be with my sisters and brother and her numerous friends.

Before moving to Missouri a few years ago, my mom lived most of her life in Oregon and is excited about going back. After my stepdad is finished taking care of selling their belongings and property in Missouri, him and I are going to drive to Oregon with their dog Solo. I will be in Oregon with my mom for a couple of weeks or so. Don’t worry, I will still be taking care of business for

My Mom with Maya and Pierson

My mom with Maya and Pierson. Pierson can sometimes be shy with strangers, but not my mom.

Rocky Small Drawing Almost Done

My mom’s beloved dog Rocky passed away in January. She wanted me to draw him for her so I have been working on this while she’s been visiting me.

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Not Quite Wordless Wednesday – My Mom

March 5, 2014

I’ve told you in the past about my mom, about how I got my love for dogs from her and about how my mom was the dog rescue lady in our town. Recently, we’ve found out that she has brain cancer. So today I am going to share just a few words about this special woman. She’s not only made a difference in my life but also in the lives of others, including the lives of many dogs. Of the many lessons she taught me, the most enduring thing is that dogs are family too. I love you, Mom! ❤•.✿.•❤

Rocky Standing Over Mom

My mom recently lost her dog Rocky. This is him standing on the top of her chair. Rocky was a very lovable dog but he loved my mom more than anyone.

Solo the Border Collie Mix

My mom survived lung cancer a few years ago. This is her after recovery and with her dog Solo.

Mom and Goat Sandy

My mom loves all animals. This is Sandy, her goat… just one of the kids ;)

Wordless Wednesday blog hop:

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Confessions of a Rescue Mom Blogger Interview

February 10, 2014
Rolo and Kimberly

Meet Kimberly and her dog Rolo

I follow a lot of pet bloggers. It’s a great community. And even though I’ve had dogs my entire life, I learn something new every day. Kimberly Nelson’s blog is one of those places. I find out about lots of cool pet products, see a bunch of adorable pet photos, and find out about great fund raising events to help animals in need. Here is my interview with Kimberly:

Where are you from? Fort McMurray, AB, Canada

Tell me a little about yourself? I grew up in a small town in British Columbia (Canada). I find myself with a very busy life, you can find me attending as many local events as possible, spending time at our camper, traveling, shopping or with my dog Rolo.

Portrait of Rolo Resting in the Grass

Isn’t Rolo gorgeous!

Rolo Wearing Elf Hat and Scarf


What is your blog called? Confessions of a Rescue Mom

When did you start blogging? and why? I launched my blog March 11, 2013 because I wanted to find another way to help out the local shelter and I know that social media is a great way to meet new people, spread stories and events.

Rolo Posing with His Magazine Article

Rolo posing with a magazine article about him and Kimberly.

How often do you blog? Is it a set schedule or random posts? I blog every weekday unless I am out of town (on vacation) and it is a set schedule with each day of the week having its own feature:
Adopt Me Monday, Tuesday Spotlight, Wagging Wednesday, Thursday Spotlight and Fundraise Friday.

What is your blog about? All things Animal & Adoption

Do you have any animals? I currently have a dog named Rolo who came from our local shelter (Fort McMurray, SPCA) He is approx. 10 year old and is a German shepherd x Husky.

Rolo - From Stray to Rescue

From sad and lonely to a happy stud muffin!

What do you hope to achieve with your blog in 2014? I hope to hit 10,000 views on my 1 year blog anniversary (March 11th), I think that would be amazing. I also hope to have a ton of different companies and bloggers on my blog this year!

Have you ever attended any Blog Conferences?, If so what ones and how was it: I haven’t, I really wanted to go to the Blog Paws in May but that weekend I will be on my Honeymoon so that doesn’t work out. Maybe next year!

What do you get inspiration from? I would definitely say Rolo and every other shelter dog that I cross paths with.
What are some of your favorite pet blogs to read? I have just recently started to branch out and read other blogs but I definitely love to read the FiveSibes Blog which you can find at:

Anything else you would like to add? Be sure to check out my blog and facebook page there’s always lots of neat things on it.

Kimberly’s blog, social media, and contact info:
Twitter: @RescueMomBlog

Kimberly and Rolo Walking

Kimberly is the luckiest rescue mom!

Pet Blogger Gift Exchange – 25 Castles on 25 Clouds

December 28, 2013

Let me tell you about a great pet blogger, Lauranne from 25 Castles on 25 Clouds. This blog is the epitome of what blogs are all about… a way to keep a journal of our lives. This blog is about real life. There’s no underlying motive to promote products or make money, it’s purely authentic and sincere.

I’ve only been reading Lauranne’s blog for a short time. In reading the events of her life, I find myself thinking back to when I had to face certain trials. Although our situations are not exactly the same, I find myself being able to relate to her and to empathize with her situation. Lauranne doesn’t give the answers in her posts. She is merely taking a journey and sharing her journey with us.

Lauranne’s blog is about all sorts of things in her life. A part of her life includes two adorable dogs, Mity and BD. Mity is a Cairn Terrier, and sounds like quite the character. He loves other dogs but he doesn’t care to be petted… unless, of course, BD is getting attention. Lauranne describes Mity as part cat. He reminds me a little of my dog Sephi. Sephi let me pet her, but sometimes I could tell she only tolerated it for my sake.

Mity the Cairn Terrier

Mity the Cairn Terrier from 25 Castles on 25 Clouds.

BD is a Welsh Collie. He has some issues with aggression with strangers, but it sounds like Lauranne is really working with him on it. She is very dedicated to BD, even though BD isn’t her dog. He is a part of her life and I admire her for continuing to care for him even though technically he is not her responsibility. That is love.

BD from 25 Castles on 25 Clouds

BD the Welsh Collie from 25 Castles on 25 Clouds.

Lauranne lives in the UK so we did not exchange gifts. It would have cost more to ship than it would have to buy the gifts! Instead, we agreed to buy stuff for pets and donate it to our local shelter or rescue group. Isn’t that a fantastic idea?! I purchased bleach, paper towels, and kitty litter for my shelter since it was on their wish list. I also gave a couple of toys and donated some old blankets and towels.

So there you go! 25 Castles on 25 Clouds by Lauranne sounds like a great blog, doesn’t it? Go check it out and say hello. :)

How My Dogs Help Me Manage My Fibromyalgia

November 4, 2013

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I haven’t been feeling well. But trust me when I say this is good news. No, I’m not pregnant. But that would be good news too. No, my not feeling well is good news because it means the new treatment I am trying for my fibromyalgia is working. I will explain this further on. But first, let me tell you about my fibromyalgia and how my dogs have helped me manage the fibromyalgia symptoms.

I was diagnosed about five years ago but have had the symptoms much longer. It started with terrible headaches and stiff sore muscles. Fibromyalgia also caused me to feel excessive fatigue, have difficulty in concentrating, and occasional sleep disruption. Although the symptoms likely came on gradually, it seems they intensified all at once about seven years ago. I didn’t know it was fibromyalgia at that time and I swear there were days when I thought I was dying. None of the doctors could figure out what it was. Many doctors just chalked it up to all being in my head. I actually had one doctor roll her eyes at me!

Once I finally realized what I had, things started getting a little better. I forced myself to eat better and to get more exercise. I started taking Cymbalta. And my boss allowed me to work from home, which took off a lot of stress. (I used to work for an insurance company.)

Pierson and Mr. Monkey Dog Toy

How dogs can help relieve stress.

My Dogs Help Me Relieve Stress

My dog, Sephi (and shortly thereafter Maya) helped me too. Stress can cause fibromyalgia symptoms to flare up. Since I was permitted to work from home, Sephi and Maya were tremendous at providing stress relief. No more annoying co-workers, bosses, arrogant agents, or angry insurance customers to trigger stress. The only stress I was subjected to was the stress of trying to potty train my little trouble-maker puppy Maya. But believe me, dealing with a pooping puppy was a heck of a lot less stressful than dealing with work crap… pun intended.

Pull No More dog harness

Maya helps make sure I get plenty of exercise.

My Dogs Make Sure I Get Plenty of Exercise

I heard another way to help manage fibromyalgia symptoms was to get more exercise. When my symptoms flared up to the point that I felt like I was going to die, the last thing I wanted to do was exercise. But once I learned certain kinds of exercises can help I started forcing myself to work out more. That was good news for Sephi and Maya because I took them on a lot more and longer walks. Thanks to being allowed to work from home, I was able to walk them at any time of the day.

So providing stress relief and giving me an excuse to get more exercise is how my dogs have helped me manage my fibromyalgia. Today, I still have bad days, but nothing compared to what I was feeling seven years ago. Still, I’d like to be done with fibromyalgia. So when I heard of a possible cure, I just had to try it out.

Fibromyalgia Cure?

It is believed by some that a possible cure for fibromyalgia is the GuaiProtocol method. Now this is a controversial treatment and there is some debate about whether it really works or not. But what do I have to lose for trying it? Since the drug is an over-the-counter drug, there is very little risk involved. The only downside is that I know the drug is beginning to work when I start to feel worse. Yes, that’s right, worse. They say you start to feel worse because your body is going through detox. Makes sense.

I’ve been on the drug for nearly a month now. And in the past two weeks my fibromyalgia symptoms have intensified. Even though I feel worse physically, I feel better mentally knowing that I am finally on the road to recovery. Although I’m not starting on the trend to feeling better yet, blogging makes me happy and I have missed it these past couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, my dogs are still helping me. Despite my painful headaches and muscle aches, Maya and Pierson make me laugh and keep me in good spirits. They constantly remind me of the necessity for walks and provide comfort by cuddling with me.

Maya and Pierson Wait in the Hallway

Maya & Pierson are not allowed in the living room. But when they see me bring out the blue sheet for the couch, they eagerly await the special cuddle-time.

Pierson on the Couch

My dog Pierson enjoys sitting with me on the couch for special cuddle-time.

Maya on the Couch

Maya usually tries to sit on my lap when she is allowed on the couch. But this time she is content with laying by my side.

Maya and Pierson may not be official therapy dogs or canine assistants, but they’re doing a pretty darned good job of taking care of me. Does your dog or cat help you deal with health issues?

Wordless Wednesday – Back from Missouri

September 4, 2013

We had a great trip to Missouri this weekend. The only bad part about the trip was all the chigger bites I got! Here are some photos from our visit to my mom’s:

Missouri Sept 2013 008

Entrance to my mom and stepdad’s house.

Missouri Sept 2013 002

My mom and stepdad built their own house. They started out living in an RV and added one room at a time along with a porch, some sheds, and dwellings for some of the animals.

Farm Pond and My Sister Carrie

My sister Carrie in front of my mom and stepdad’s pond. Also pictured is a cute farm kitty.

Farm Kitty

A sweet farm kitty. The kitty belongs to my mom’s neighbor.

Mama Goat and Kids

Mama goat and her kids. Aren’t they just the cutest kids ever?! These goats belong to my mom’s neighbor.

Baby Goat Kid

Cutest kid ever! It is difficult to tell from this photo, but this kid is only about a foot tall.

Two Goats

Adorable goats! These guys were more interested in food than in being petted. They also belong to my mom’s neighbor.

Goat Sandy 2

Remember my mom’s goat Sandy? My mom gave her to their neighbor where she now lives with the other goats.

Goats and Llamas

Sandy with another goat and some llamas.

Brown Llama

Oh Mama! It’s a Llama! This llama was so sweet. She really liked to be petted.

I didn’t take photos of my mom’s chickens, bunnies, or her dogs Rocky and Solo this time. I have a ton of photos of them already that have been posted before. To see them, check out this past Saturday post. Also check out the post from our visit this past May – Missouri Farm in Spring.

For more great pet photos, visit the Wordless Wednesday blog hop by clicking the link below:


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Are You Wondering how to Administer Feline Medication? Here are Some Tips

January 8, 2013
"You seriously think you're going to be able to make me eat that pill? I dare you to try."

“You seriously think you’re going to be able to make me eat that pill? I dare you to try.”

We recently had some articles about how to get your dogs to take their medication, but what about cats? Here is a helpful guest post for those of you who have cats too.

There is nothing as difficult as forcing a pet to take his or her medicine. They will claw and bite their way out just to avoid the medicine. At one time or another, you have been forced to do it because unless the pet takes their medicine, they might end up getting really sick. Cats are a prime example of how difficult it is to give them their medicine. While this is a very difficult process to undertake, there are some ways that you can employ to ensure that your cat gets the medication that he or she needs. The following are some of the tips that you can employ for pet cat medication.

The first method you can employ when giving your feline his or her medicine is to hide the pill in his or her food. Cats like dogs have a very strong sense of smell and are able to detect something amiss in their food from a mile away. So then how do you cloak the pill so that they don’t get wind of it? Well, you can make an incision in a piece of meat or tuna and hide the piece of meat inside. You should make sure that you target when the cat is at his or her hungriest. Then you can be assured that the cat will gobble the food down as quickly as possible without realizing that the medicine was there. However, this method is tricky in that sometimes the cat will sense the medicine after they have ingested the food and will try to spit it out. Hence, it is recommended that you monitor your cat closely so that you ensure that they have taken their medicine.

Another method of ensuring that your cat takes his or her pills or capsule is to force it down. This method is especially delicate considering that it might result in a lot biting and scratching and will require two people in order for it be successful. Most vets will tell you that in order to force feed a cat a pill, you first hold it behind the head. You then make sure that you squeeze the lower jaw gently with your thumb and index finger and your compatriot should give the cat the tablet or capsule. You should then close the jaw until you see that the cat has swallowed the medicine. It is very important that you bind you cat’s legs or have your friend hold them for you.

Most vets will use a pill gun.  They usually say that it is the easiest method of ensuring that your pets take their medicine. Pill guns are available in any pet store. However you should ensure that you use it properly lest you end up injuring your cat.

Pill Gun for the UK website article

The above are methods you can use to ensure that cats take their pills and capsules. When it comes to liquid medicines, you can use a syringe or a drenching gun to administer the liquid medication orally. A hypodermic needle can is used for medicines that require invasive administration. However, you should leave this method to the vets.

This is guest article provided by Vet-Medic, an online pharmacy store offering wide range of pet products and unlike other online stores you can also talk live to certified veterinary surgeon and pharmacists.

Enjoying Thanksgiving Weekend

November 24, 2012

Sorry, I don’t have a post prepared for this Saturday. I had hoped to share some photos of our trip to Texas to visit family this Thanksgiving. But I am unable to download the photos from my camera (I forgot the cord). Stay tuned and enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend!!! :)

Cats Take Over the American Dog Blog

October 27, 2012

Color: Ginger Mackerel Tabby

In return for my support of the Humane Society of the United States, I get this great magazine called AllAnimals. The November/December 2012 issue I recently received has a lot of noteworthy articles, but one I found fun and interesting was the one about cat coat colors. What defines a tortoiseshell or classic tabby? Or a seal point or tuxedo? If you work at an animal shelter, you may find that you describe most cats as tabbies or calicos. But there is a lot more to it than that. Knowing the specific terms for their coat colorings can help the cats at your shelter be more distinctive and, therefore, special.

Color: Silver Mackerel Tabby

For example, did you know that there are five basic tabby patterns? Mackerel, which is the typical striped pattern; classic, which has stripes but a swirl pattern on the cat’s sides; patched, which is a tabby with patches of red; ticked, where each hair has bands of color which give the cat coat color a flecked look; and spotted, where the stripes are more like spots. How much more interesting would an adoptable cat be if it was named a classic marmalade tabby or spotted chocolate tabby instead of just orange or brown tabby?

Color: Brown Patched Tabby

Also consider calicos. Oftentimes, a shelter will call all cats with two colors plus white as just plain calico. But there is more to it. A calico with distinct solid black and red spots on white is a calico. But sometimes the colors are diluted so that they are gray and cream instead. And sometimes the tabby pattern of those patches shows through. When the tabby pattern shows through, you can call them torbies instead. Some examples of how you can get creative with describing a calico include silver classic torbie or brown mackerel torbie. If a brown/black and orange or blue and cream mottled cat has little or no white, they are called tortoiseshell or tortie. You can have a blue-cream tortoiseshell or a black and orange tortoiseshell.

Color: Blue Tortoiseshell

Cats with a solid color plus white can be called tuxedo, van, or harlequin. With color variations you can have blue tuxedo, ginger van, or silver tabby harlequin. Don’t forget the point colors which come from a temperature-sensitive albino gene. These colors are often (but not always) seen in Siamese cats. The points of color on the face, ears, feet, and tail come in a variety of colors, not just black or brown. You can have a flame point, seal point, cream point, blue point, or even a seal lynx point.

Color: Seal Point

Fun, right? There is a lot more than that. This magazine only covers a tip of the iceberg. If you rescue cats or work at an animal shelter, take the time to learn the different ways you can describe a cat’s coat color. Put it this way, if you were looking to adopt a cat, would you be more interested in the cat described as a brown tabby or the cat described as a chocolate mackerel tabby? Show people how extraordinary your cats are by giving them exceptional descriptions.

Color: Red Ticked Tabby. This is an Abyssinian cat breed but ticked can be seen in a regular domestic short hair breed too. A Silver Ticked Tabby, for example, may still have stripes on his feet and tail but his sides are flecked.

While many criticize the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) for not actively rescuing and adopting out animals, they provide a great benefit for the welfare of animals. For anyone who has had to face our legal system in order to fight against unfair animal legislation (such as BSL) or fight for justice against animal cruelty, you know how much of an uphill battle that seems to be. While I support local animal shelters and rescue groups, I also support the HSUS so they can fight the legal battles. Check out their website HERE and subscribe to this great AllAnimals magazine.

Color: Brown Mackerel Tabby Calico


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