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Wordy Wordless Wednesday – Celebrating 41 Years with Dogs

July 30, 2014

Did I say ‘wordless’? Okay, so it’s not completely wordless. Today is my 41st birthday. I do not dread this day (nor did I dread the big four-o day). These are the happiest times in my life. There have been a lot of bumps in my early years, but one great thing has been constant for all 41 of them and that is dogs. Let me share them with you.

I showed you a photo of this dog last week. Wendy wasn’t just special to my mom, she was special to me because she was the first dog I was ever exposed to.

Spaniel Mix Wendy

My mom was worried about how Wendy would react to me as a newborn baby. Luckily, Wendy adored me and she was very protective of me. She would sleep under my crib and she’d watch me carefully whenever anyone held me.

I showed you this photo last week too. While I was growing up, my mom had a number of dogs, but Cassie was the first dog that was considered my dog.

Cassie - Shetland Sheepdog

When my mom took Cassie in, I was just 10 years old. Cassie immediately attached herself to me and would only sleep with me in my room, even when it was my sister’s turn to have her.

After I moved out of my parent’s house I, of course, took Cassie with me. Cassie was getting older and I thought a new puppy would liven things up a bit. Cassie wasn’t as thrilled about Smokey as I was, but they did play from time to time and Smokey did put a bit of a spring into her step.

Me and My Dog Smokey at Georgetown Lake

My dog Smokey was my hiking buddy. We spent three days roughing it as we hiked around Georgetown Lake in Texas.

My Border Collie / Shepherd Dog Smokey

Here’s a better photo of my dog Smokey, also taken at Georgetown Lake.

More of My Dog Smokey

Smokey and I did a lot of outdoor things together. Swimming was one of his favorites.

After a year or so of getting Smokey, I started working for the animal shelter in Austin, Texas. Since then I adopted and fostered a number of dogs (and cats). I don’t talk about them as much as the others because I had to leave them with my ex after we got divorced. The divorce ended badly so I do not know what became of them. I can only hope he cared for them or gave them to good homes.

Beagle Mix Huckleberry Hound

Huckleberry Hound was rescued from the back of a Uhaul truck with 50 other dogs. The dogs were all sick with Parvo. Huckleberry was the only one that pulled through. He lived at the shelter for three months before I decided to take him home. Huck lived with me for four years before he got out of the fence one day and was struck and killed by a car. :(

My Dogs and Cat Huckleberry Grady Scrapper

Huck with Scrapper and Grady. Scrapper is the cat and he loved to walk on a leash outside. Grady was my dad and stepmom’s dog. They gave up Grady because they couldn’t train him. They do not have the dog-sense that my mom has.

Cats CleoPatra Scrapper Dillan

Patra (short for Cleopatra) is the tortoiseshell cat and is the first cat I rescued from the animal shelter. She was a stray and was in rabies observation for a week for scratching a child. She was going to be euthenized but I didn’t let it happen. I don’t remember how I got Scrapper, the white with gray kitty. And Dillan, the all gray kitten, was rescued from the jaws of a Doberman named Dillan.

Golden Retriever Molly McButter

I fostered Molly for a few weeks, during which time she earned the nickname of Molly McButter.

Foster Pups Skittles Max Puddles

From left to top then bottom right: Skittles, Max, and Puddles. These were foster pups I had for a few weeks.

My Black and White Cat Spider

I honestly don’t remember how I got Spider (so named because he often climbed the curtains and walls). He is one of the ones I was forced to leave behind when I got divorced.

Dogs Becky Anne and Sheba

Becky Anne, the G. Shepherd-colored Whippet mix, was going to be put to sleep because she wasn’t cute enough. Yes, it’s true. The man in charge of the shelter I worked at decided he didn’t like me and immediately ordered the dog to be put to sleep when he found out I took interest in her. Sheba is the Rottweiler mixed that was abandoned in front of my house. I guess her owners decided that since I already had five dogs, I wouldn’t notice the sixth! I had Sheba for two years before she got out with Huckleberry and was never heard from again, even though she was wearing her tags. :(

My Chow / Shepherd Mix Achilles

Achilles came from a box of pups that someone was giving away in front of Walmart. I had him for almost three years before he escaped from the yard and was never seen again. He had tags, but I lived in the country so anything could have happened. :(

If you’ve been following this blog, then you remember this dog. Like my dog Achilles, Sephi was named from Greek mythology (short for Persephone). My ex gave Sephi to me because he felt guilty for cheating on me. Of course, I didn’t know this at the time. Sephi was the only dog I was able to keep from the divorce. I couldn’t keep the others because I wasn’t working and so my ex got to keep our house.

My Chow Shepherd Mix Dog Sephi

Sephi was my sole companion for many hears after my divorce. She passed away at the age of 11 in November 2011.

My two current best buds are Maya and Pierson.

My Dogs Maya and Pierson Having a Ball in the Fall

Maya was adopted by a family with two toddlers and an infant. After one week, they posted her on Craigslist and I was the lucky responder. Pierson was rescued from Pierson Park in Kansas City, Kansas.

That’s all the words I have on this very special Wordy Wordless Wednesday. For more doggy fun, check out the blog hop link below.

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Nearly Wordless Wednesday – Remembering Sephi

November 6, 2013

Two years ago, I lost my beloved Sephi. Although she was aloof and was probably the most unloyal dog I’ve ever had, she was very special to me. Here’s to you, my Persphone Doodle, my Little Boo Boo, my Silly Brat Dog:

My Dog Cute Little Stinker

8 weeks old – Sephi (short for Persephone) was a cute little stinker, wasn’t she?

My Dog Sephi at 5 Months

5 months old – Sephi is a little less than halfway grown. That makes her a medium sized little stinker.

My Playful Young Pup Sephi

At just under 1 years old, Sephi was an extremely playful pup.

My Dog Sephi All Grown Up

Sephi is all grown up in this photo. I believe this photo was taken when she was about 2 years old, when she started her trend of always wearing a bandana.

Sephi Thrilled to be My Dog

Sephi is positively thrilled to be my dog. (She loved wearing bandanas, but not on her head.)

My Dog Sephi and Friend Mocha

Sephi really loved to play in her younger years. This is her playing with my sister’s dog, Mocha.

These photos are BD (Before Digital)

Memorable conversation about Sephi:
Robert – “What kind of dog do you have?”
Me – “Chow, German Shepherd, Lab, Border Co…”
Before I could finish Robert interjected, “Wow! You have all those dogs?”
Me – “Yes, but they are all rolled up into one dog.”

Do you have a best friend that you will never forget, no matter how much time goes by?

For more fun pet photos, click the link below for the Wordless Wednesday blog hop:


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I Love Mutts

September 21, 2013
My Dog Pierson is a Poo Poo Head

Mutt Extraordinaire!

Flea with Jones Natural Chews showed a great video on her Funny Bone Monday post. This is post #40. The video is about how a dog rescue group uses the originality of mutts as their pitch to get people interested in adopting them. I thought this was a fun idea.

I have decided that Pierson is either a Fluffy-tailed Border Aussie or a Black & White Collaussie. Sephi, who has passed on over the Rainbow Bridge, was part Chow and possibly also part Shepherd, Labrador, and Border Collie. So perhaps she could have been called a Black Chinese Labrashep. What do you think your mutt breed could be?

Speaking of mutts, has a contest for the best looking mutt in the world. Go visit her blog and enter your mutt. Mutts unite!

Wordless Wednesday – Playtime!

March 6, 2013

Here are some great videos and photos of Maya & Pierson having a good time:

Maya & Pierson Wrestling Maya & Pierson Playing Tug-of-War

This one is from the summer, but I had to share it again:

And this one was from when I had Sephi:

Happy Wordless Wednesday! To see more great pet photos from the blog hop, check out the link below.

Review – Jones Natural Chews Dog Bones

December 29, 2012

I absolutely love Jones Natural Chews… almost as much as my dogs do. Maya and Pierson got to try out the shank bone and the femur knuckle. We also got a knee cap but I felt it was too small for Maya and Pierson so was worried about them swallowing or choking on it.

Sensitive Tummy?
Maya has a sensitive stomach. She tends to get diarrhea if she eats something other than her dog food or eats too many dog treats. The bones from Jones Natural Chews had enough fatty pieces, skin, and some meat so I was worried she would get an upset stomach. But she didn’t. I let her chew on the femur knuckle for a good hour too.

Maya is eating the femur knuckle from Jones Natural Chews.

Maya is eating the femur knuckle from Jones Natural Chews.

Great for Teeth
Chewing is great for a dog’s teeth. Most of the dogs in my life have been chewers and most have had great teeth. Even my dog Sephi at age 10 had great teeth. She loved Jones Natural Chews. My dog Pierson especially needs help with his teeth. He likes to eat poop. Even though I keep Maya’s poop picked up, he still eats the rabbit poop from the wild rabbits we have living under our shed. So with regular brushing and these great dog bones, I hope to keep Pierson’s teeth in as good as shape as Sephi’s were and Maya’s are.

Pierson is eating the shank bone from Jones Natural Chews.

Pierson is eating the shank bone from Jones Natural Chews.

Aggressive Chewers
Maya and Pierson are aggressive chewers and have to be watched closely, especially with this sort of thing. I let them chew on the dog bones supervised for about an hour. But it is difficult to just sit there and watch so it wasn’t constant supervision like it should have been. They seemed to do fine, though, so I didn’t worry. But the next day, I realized Pierson had taken off a chunk of cartilage. I found this out because he threw it up. Thankfully, he did vomit it out because it was too big of a piece for him to digest. It could have blocked his stomach which would have been very bad.

Supervise, Supervise, Supervise!
Jones Natural Chews are safer than most because this company tests for splintering. I feel good about that. But there can still be pieces that can be broken off and eaten. I learned my lesson with Pierson and will no longer allow long chewing sessions. And chewing will be 100% supervised. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

All-in-all, we are very happy with the shank bone and femur knuckle we received from Jones Natural Chews. Maya and Pierson really enjoyed them. If I were a dog, I’d love them too. They sure look tasty! Another thing I like about them is they are made in the USA. Most of the dog bones you see in the store come from China. But not Jones Natural Chews!

Here is a video of Pierson doing some cute dog tricks for the shank bone.

Check out their website and check out our favorite blog for Jones Natural Chews. I really love this blog. The writer, Flea, is funny. She has lots of pets and always has fun stories to share.

Not So Wordless Wednesday – Remembering My Dog Sephi

October 31, 2012

My Beloved Sephi

-Persephone – April 1, 2001 to November 2, 2011
-AKA Sephi, Sephi-Doodle, Boo Boo, Brat Dog, Devil Dog (she chewed up all my bibles when she was a pup), April Fool (notice her birthdate)
-Theme Song – Flight of the Valkyries, add words to the canon – “Sephi-Doodle, Sephi-Doodle, Sephi-Doodle! Doodle Head.” (I’ve got to make some sort of video for her with this.)
-Most Recognizable Physical Traits – Black spots on her tongue, big German Shepherd ears, Sephi always wore a bandana from age 1 1/2 to her very last day.
-Most Prominent Personality Traits – Aloof, well-behaved, lazy – she did love her walks but couldn’t handle walks that were too long, dog aggressive (especially in her final years), loved chasing squirrels and rabbits but was wary of cats.

This is one of my most favorite pictures of Sephi.

It has been nearly one year since I lost my beloved dog Sephi. I still think of her often, mostly with the joy of remembrance but sometimes with sadness. I still have photos of her around the house and on my refrigerator. My husband and I still occasionally say, “I love you more than Sephi loves food.” I would still have some photos of Sephi on my phone if I hadn’t bought a new phone this year. And it wasn’t until this October when I finally changed my profile pictures from Sephi, Maya, and I to Maya, Pierson, and I.

I miss those big Shepherd ears.

The Bargain
Sephi was a great dog. I could tell you stories about her all day, if you let me. But two things made her stand out as a special dog. The first one is that she helped me through my divorce and helped me adjust to my new life. Sephi was a puppy when she was given to me by my ex, then my husband, as a way of saying sorry for his infidelity. My life was falling apart but Sephi was there for me. My husband left me, but I got Sephi in exchange. What a bargain! :)

The Intruder
The second special story about Sephi was the day she protected me from an intruder. I came home in the middle of the day sick. In my muddled state, I forgot to lock my apartment door. Sephi didn’t usually bark when people came to the door. And she never barked at maintenance when they came in to fix something when I wasn’t home. But Sephi barked like mad that day when a stranger tried to come in. I barely heard a man’s voice through all her barking. By the time I got up to see what was going on, the man was gone. I was so proud of Sephi, who had never taken the initiative to be aggressive towards another person before.

Sephi loved to ride in the car.

I said two stories about Sephi, right? Well, I forgot about our trip to Oregon. I drove from Kansas to Oregon to visit family there. It was just Sephi and I on that long long trip. Sephi didn’t do anything heroic but she did make me feel safer, especially when my car broke down in not-so-Bliss, Idaho.

Sephi loved snow.

Yes, Sephi was a very special dog. I miss her terribly and am getting tears in my eyes right now as I write this. But she had a good life, and I had a better life because of her. I miss you Sephi. ❤•.✿.•❤

Like Maya, Sephi was a model for many of my products.

If you want to read more about Sephi, simply put Sephi in the search field of this blog and in the search field of our other blog,

See Sephi’s cute spotted tongue?

As an artist, I never drew a picture of Sephi when she was alive. But now that she is gone, I feel the need. Here is a rough sketch from the photo above. I will show the finished piece when it is done.

Here is a cute drawing that someone else did of my Sephi.

Pet Travel Photo Contest – Enter to Win

October 24, 2012

Our other blog, Pet Auto Safety Blog, is having a pet travel photo contest. Details on how to enter to win a $25 gift card are HERE. Basically, send us a photo of your pet on vacation. It doesn’t have to be a long vacation. It could be as simple as a day trip such as in the first two photos below. In these first two photos, my dog Sephi met her play-date, Sunny, at the Shawnee Mission dog park. Sunny was a Golden Retriever and this was his first trip to a dog park. Sephi showed him the ropes. The third photo is of Sephi and my sister’s dog Mocha. Every year for the holidays my family and I pack up the car, drive from Kansas to Texas, and spend time with family. Of course, family includes the dogs. (And the dogs ride safe with their dog seat belts.) In this third photo, Sephi and Mocha are enjoying their holiday by playing together with this stuffed dog toy.

The Shawnee Mission dog park has a lake for swimming. Sephi wants to show Sunny how it’s done but she doesn’t want to do more than get her feet wet.

Sephi and Sunny explore the wooded area of the Shawnee Mission dog park.

Sephi and Mocha tear up a dog toy together. Sephi obviously has the advantage.

These are examples of the types of photos you can enter into our pet travel photo contest. Remember to visit our Pet Auto Safety Blog for more information!

Wordless Wednesday – In Memory of My Beloved Dog Sephi

May 23, 2012

It has been 6 1/2 months since I lost my beloved dog Sephi. Here are some photos I recently found – photos which brought a memory of both joy and sadness. (Point of interest, Sephi is also featured in the blog heading image, top right.)

If you want to know more about Sephi, just put her name in the search field of this blog.


Sephi in Bed

Please visit our other blog, the Pet Auto Safety Blog, for more Wordless Wednesday photos.

Happy Easter!

April 7, 2012
Easter Puppy

Maya The Easter Puppy says, "Happy Easter!"

Here are a couple of cute photos of my dogs Sephi and Maya wearing bunny ears (taken a few years ago).

Easter Dog

Sephi says, "Please take these dumb ears off me."

My Dog Sephi is Not Doing Well

November 1, 2011

Persephone (Sephi), 2001-?

Sorry, I don’t have much of a post today. My ten-year-old dog Sephi is not doing very well at all. She went to the vet yesterday morning so we could find out what was wrong. What the vet first suspected was vestibular disease turned out to be much more. Later that afternoon, I took her to an emergency veterinary clinic about 45 miles away. Sephi spent rest of the day there getting treatment. The treatment helped a little but it is unlikely that it will extend her life for more than a few days, weeks if we are lucky, months if we are blessed.

There was a moment when I was considering the very hard questions about whether or not I should put her to sleep. The vet said she is definitely in a critical state and that it is only slightly possible but mostly unlikely that she will recover. Putting Sephi to sleep was an option. But when I asked Sephi, “Do you want a cookie?” and “Do you want to go outside?” she perked up. She also seemed to express an interest in things around her (other dogs and other people at the vet clinic). So I decided to put off that difficult decision for now.

Please send your prayers to Sephi. Pray that her last days will be comfortable and that when it is time for her to go that she goes peacefully.

I love you Sephi Doodle!


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