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Cute Photo from

September 29, 2009

funny pictures of dogs with captions

This is a great site.  Lots of cute photos here with captions that will make you laugh!!

They Make Seat Belts for Dogs?

September 29, 2009


Did you know there are products available for your dog which keep your dog safe in the car? It may seem silly to put a seat belt on your dog, but a dog seat belt is really helpful. The dog seat belt has helped keep Sephi from getting tossed around when I have to swerve or put my foot on the brake. And the dog seat belt has helped keep Maya in the back seat while I drive so that she doesn’t try to climb in my lap. So as you can see, a dog seat belt not only keeps my dogs safe, it also keeps them from distracting me when I drive. So don’t roll your eyes and think, “What will they think of next”. Check out Pet Auto for a dog seat belt and other pet travel safety products.

Also, the above photo is of my dog, Maya, wearing her dog seat belt. She is my model for displaying the dog seat belt and the model for our Pet Auto Safety logo.

Welcome to the American Dog Blog

September 27, 2009

Welcome to the brand new dog blog.  This isn’t a blog for just any dog or any specific breed of dog, this is a blog for the American dog.  We will post lots of dogs stuff, most of it fun, some of it serious.

Please feel free to post and comment.  We welcome all dog lovers.