Cassie – The Best Shetland Sheepdog EVER

Cassie was a Shetland Sheepdog and my childhood pet/best friend.  She was super intelligent and loved me very much.  As a child, I wasn’t always the best dog owner in the world, but she was the best dog.  She put up with everything I did to her from making her wear silly costumes to teasing her.

The above picture is dog art which I drew a few years after her death.  A print of this dog art is available at  She died when she was thirteen years old and I was twenty three.  I still think about her a lot and miss her very much.

One Response to “Cassie – The Best Shetland Sheepdog EVER”

  1. Aina Says:

    Wow… I had a shetland sheepdog best friend too… Word for word in that description you gave of her! Just by far the best dog you could ever have!

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