Which One? Doggie Trick

Here is a fun game to play with your dog.  Let your dog watch you put a treat in one of your hands.  Close both of your hands in a fist and put your hands behind your back.  Switch the treats around, then place your closed hands in front of you and ask your dog, “Which one?”.  Your dog will probably sniff your hands for the treat, but try to get them to touch one of your hands with their paw, as in the “shake” command.  If your dog chooses the wrong hand, open your hand and let your dog investigate.  Then close your hand and ask, “Which one?” again.

Surprisingly, when I first taught my dogs this, they would choose the same hand over and over again.  But after some practice, they figured out that if it wasn’t in one hand, it would be in the other and they would choose each hand until they found the treat.

Once they get it down, then make it more challenging by getting more people involved.  Using only one treat between two or more people, put four or more hands in front of your dog and ask, “Which One?”.

My dogs love this game, although my hands do get a little scratched up because of their toenails.

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