Before Getting A Boxer Dog…

The Boxer Dog Breed

The Boxer Dog Breed

A Boxer dog can make a great pet, but they can also take a lot of work.  Before getting a Boxer dog, click HERE to read some great information.

Here are a few experts from the Boxer dog article:

“Bred with mastiff-type dogs and terriers, the Boxer can be fearless, agile, and highly energetic.”

“If you want a playful and active dog, the Boxer is for you. Boxers can also be described as enthusiastic and energetic, eager and outgoing. They are a loyal and affectionate dog with an inspiring zest for life. Lots of daily exercise is required for the Boxer. It’s good to have a big yard and time for play, but beware that sometimes Boxers do not do well in hot weather. Boxers can make good watchdogs. They may be aggressive towards strange dogs but they generally get along well with other family pets. When it comes to training the Boxer can be stubborn and sometimes even overly sensitive. Positive reinforcement and patience is recommended for training. Once trained, Boxers respond well to commands.”

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