Basic Information You Need To Know Before Getting A New Puppy

Puppy Kisses

Puppies are so darned cute!  But don’t be fooled, they are also a lot of work.  If you choose to adopt a puppy rather than an adult dog, just keep in mind all the extra work which you will need to do in order to make this puppy a great dog.

Crate Training
The first few nights will be the hardest because the puppy is most likely going to cry.  You are going to want to bring the puppy to bed with you in order to comfort them, but this could end up turning into a bad habit.  It is best if you keep your puppy in a correctly sized crate overnight and when you are not home.  You will probably suffer a few sleepless nights, but your puppy will get used to it and you will soon be sleeping soundly again.  Training your puppy to be in a crate can also help with house training and with helping to prevent out-of-control chewing.

House Training
After crate training comes house training and obedience training.  Dog training takes time, persistence, consistency, and love.  If you have never trained a dog before, we highly recommend a dog training class.  Dog trainers don’t train your dog for you, but they do help you learn how to train you dog which will be best for both you and your dog.

Another form of training is called socialization.  This is very important for puppies.  By taking them out to meet people, other dogs, and to see and sniff out all sorts of objects, you will help them be better and happier dogs.  Lack of socialization can result in your dog being scared or aggressive towards people, children, or other dogs.  Lack of socialization can also result in your dog being scared or aggressive towards certain things like kids on bicycles or skateboards, household items like vacuum cleaners, cars, or anything else which makes a loud or strange sound.

Besides training, there are also lots of expenses involved in getting a puppy.  You need to get your puppy fixed and you need to take them to the vet for their exam and for their shots.  You will also want to get your puppy heart guard medicine and flea prevention.  Your puppy may also require a special food diet.

Then there is the chewing phase to get through with your puppy.  The chewing phase can last until the puppy is about two years old, sometimes longer if the puppy isn’t properly trained.

And don’t forget that your puppy is going to need lots of attention and lots of exercise.  So if you have a busy life, you may want to consider adopting an adult dog instead.

Don’t be taken in by those cute puppy faces unless you are ready for the extra work and expense which goes into raising one.  There are a lot of homeless dogs out there, and some of them are homeless because the previous owner’s were not prepared for what goes into raising a puppy.


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