Police Dogs Being Adopted From Shelters

The Chicago Police Department is doing a great thing by getting their police dogs from a shelter rather than from an expensive breeder.  This helps give homeless dog a chance at a happy life and proves that an adopted dog can be just as good as a dog purchased from a breeder.  And it saves taxpayor money!

Pantera is the dog’s name and she was adopted from the Chicago Ridge Animal Welfare League.  Pantera is a 16 month old black lab with a great drive for her job.  She helps to sniff out narcotics and has already succeeded at her job.

Great job, Pantera!  And great job to the Chicago Police Department as well!  Check out more of this story at http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/chi-talk_police_dognov06,0,7894347.story.

One Response to “Police Dogs Being Adopted From Shelters”

  1. naturebydawn Says:

    Another mixed breed dog used in the working world instead of an expensive bred dog… This dog is being used in search and rescue:

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