Fantastic Dog Segment on the Rachael Ray Show


I was just brought to tears of joy from watching the Rachael Ray Morning Show.  She talked about a caring woman named Lisa who is trying to build her own animal shelter for homeless animals.  Lisa has been taking animals into her home for some time and was that if she keeps these animals, she must build a proper facility.  Rachael Ray happily donated money and food in order to help Lisa with her venture.  Congratulations Lisa!  People like you make the world better.

Also featured in this segment were two chow mix puppies (above).  The puppies had a lot of missing hair from an infection and were in sad shape when Lisa rescued them.  The dogs have since received medical attention. Rachael Ray put these dogs on her show this morning and announced that the puppies are going to be just fine.  The dogs are still missing a lot of hair, but much of it is growing back and they are now ready for adoption.

I not only want to honor Rachael for helping Lisa and these animals out, but I also want to honor her for putting these two puppies on the air.  Most people who put dogs for adoption on the air only show “cute” puppies with no defects.  People forget that there are other animals out there who may have special needs and may not fit the ideal “cuteness” as other dogs in need.  Without Rachael and Lisa’s help, these dogs might have languished in a kill shelter before being put to sleep.

Here is a link to the Rachael Ray show and her segment on Lisa’s shelter and the chow mix puppies:

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