Cold Weather Safety for Your Dog

Protect Your Dog in Cold Weather

Some dog breeds are not able to handle extreme weather. They were bred as indoor dogs so all the hardiness may have been bred out of them. Puppies can also be extra vulnerable to cold weather. Dog sweaters may help, but don’t forget these other important tips for your dog this winter season.

Wipe your dog’s feet and towel them dry when your dog comes inside from the snow. Check your dog’s feet carefully for ice. The snow can ball up or ice into the pads of your dog’s feet making it painful for them to walk. It can also cut into your dog’s skin. Also, since people sometimes use salt or antifreeze to thaw the snow, wiping your dog will help to remove any chemicals which your dog may have picked up on their jaunt in the snow.

Make sure your dog has fresh water. Don’t leave their water bowl outside to ice. If your dog wants a drink, they may paw at the ice to get to the water and cut their paws in the process.

If you give your do a bath, mak sure they are completely dry before you let them outside.

Don’t leave your dog in the car, even in cold weather. Since there is no air circulation, your dog can freeze to death in the car during cold weather almost as easily as they can get a heat stroke in warm weather.

Make sure your dog has a warm place to sleep. If your dog is an outside dog, make sure they have access to shelter from the wind. Keep straw or a blanket inside their dog house.

Don’t let your dog roam around in severe weather. A snowstorm can cause your dog to become disoriented since their sight and smell will be severely limited.

Keep antifreeze and other chemicals away from the areas where your dog goes. Some of these chemicals may taste good to your dog, but they can be deadly.

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