It’s True! There is an Airline Dedicating to Flying Your Pet

We heard about Pet Airways on the Bonnie Hunt Show and thought it was a joke. (Well, her segment was a joke because her dog, Charlie, was sitting in an airline seat watching a documentary on squirrels.) But there is really such a thing as an airline dedicated to flying your pet. Pet Airways is a new company started by Dan and Alysa Wiesel and inspired by their Jack Russell Terrier, Zoe.

Dogs flying on Pet Airways are still transported in a carrier, but they are in the main cabin not in the cargo area. The main cabin is climate controlled and an attendant checks on the pets every 15 minutes. Fares start as low as $149.00 and travel is available from New York, Washington DC/Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Los Angelas, and now to Fort Lauderdale. Pet Airways does not have as many stops as the major airlines for people, but this great idea is bound to make the company grow.

Sephi and Maya are waiting to use Pet Airways as soon as they have flights available from Kansas City!


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