It’s a New Year – Time to Exercise Your Dog

Many Americans make it their New Year’s Resolution to lose weight. While you are enjoying your new Wii Fit or gym membership, don’t forget your furry companion. I know it is cold outside, but your friend needs exercise too. While the Wii Fit and a gym membership are great ways to get exercise and lose weight, you need to diversify your “exercise portfolio” by doing other things as well. Studies have shown that your body learns to adjust and accommodate certain activities. After repeating the same exercises week after week, the exercise becomes easier and you have to do more in order to get the same results. So keep your body healthy and fit, but make sure it is ready for anything. Go to the gym one day, do yoga the next, and take your dog for a walk or run on the following day. Mix it up. And keep your dog from getting fat and bored while you get healthy. Then when spring comes your dog will be ready to play frisbee in the park and take long hikes along the river.

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