New Puppy Figurines with the Animal Figurine Store

Animal Figurine has recently added new puppy figurines. Check out the puppy figurine pot hangers. What are pot hangers? Pot hangers are animal figurines designed to hang off the edge of your potted plants. Notice the above photo of an adorable puppy figurine which looks like he is climbing into a potted plant.

These puppy figurines come in a few selective breeds such as the Rottweiler puppy figurine, Spaniel puppy figurine, Westie puppy figurine, Yorkie puppy figurine, Shar-Pei puppy figurine, and more. Most of these puppy figurines are about 3″ high, 2″ wide, and 2″ long. But there is also a larger puppy figurine pot hanger of the Beagle. It is about 8″ high, 4″ wide, and 4″ long.

Oh, and there is also a few cat figurine pot hangers. They are slightly smaller than the smaller puppy figurine pot hangers, but they are just as adorable.  Visit the dog and cat figurine page from Animal Figurine and select the appropriate group depending on your favorite dog breed or cat.

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