Great Website Promotes Adopting a Dog Instead of Buying a Dog

Check out this great website called We love this site. Not only do they have a lot of great information, but they also promote adopting a mixed breed dog instead of buying a pure bred dog. There are millions of puppies being brought into this world and not enough homes for them all. So millions of dogs are being euthanized each year. And sadly, many of the dogs being euthanized are mutts.

Unless you research your breeder, you could be buying your dog from a puppy mill or from an irresponsible backyard breeder. Both types of breeders are likely to breed without doing background health checks on the parents and could be inadvertently breeding more dogs with inherited health problems. Worse than this, is how the dogs in the puppy mills could be living. While you may be buying a puppy and giving it a good home, its mom could still be living in a tiny cage and giving birth to more puppies which may or may not end up living in good homes. It is very sad and it has got to stop. So please, adopt a dog or do thorough research on the breeder before you buy a dog. If America stops buying dogs, puppy mills will go out of business and back yard breeders are less likely to breed their dogs in order to make a fast buck.

Join the Muttigrees Club like we have and support adoption of all dogs – mutts and purebreds alike.


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