Small Puppy is a Big Hero

NBC Washington posted a recent story about a puppy who saved his owner from fire. Coco is a 4 month old Chihuahua puppy who rides with his owner on his big truck. They were sleeping in the cab when Coco woke his owner with a lot of barking. The cabin was filled with smoke and both dog and owner escaped. The smoke could have suffocated them while they slept, but Coco’s keen senses told him to wake up and make a lot of noise.

Both dog and owner are receiving medical attention and Coco’s situation is critical. Coco’s vet bills could be over $2,000. To read more on this story and learn how you can help the owner pay this little hero’s vet bills, visit NBC Washington’s website at

Above photo courtesy of NBC Washington

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One Response to “Small Puppy is a Big Hero”

  1. Dawn Says:

    Very sad… Coco has passed on 😦

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