Answers to the “How Well Do You Know the AKC Dog Breeds?” Post

Did you know some of the answers from the post earlier this week?  Was it hard to find the answers to the ones you didn’t know?  I hope it was just hard enough to be fun.

1) Which AKC breed looks like a Cocker Spaniel but has wavy hair, wider ears, and only comes as a liver or dark chocolate color? American Water Spaniel

2) Which AKC breed was first discovered among the native Inuit people? Alaskan Malamute

3) Which AKC breed is the Pit Bull? American Staffordshire Terrier

4) Which AKC breed was developed in Boston? Boston Terrier – duh!

5) Which AKC breed appears to have history in both Europe and Australia but is generally considered an American breed? Australian Shepherd

6) Which AKC breed is the smallest of the Spaniel breeds? Cocker Spaniel

7) Which AKC breed is good at trailing any animal, but specializes in raccoons and opossums? Hint – it was the first hound of its type to be  registered with the AKC. Black and Tan Coonhound

8 ) George Washington bred English Foxhounds to help develope which AKC American breed? American Foxhound

9) Which AKC hound comes in various brindle shades, never a solid color? Plott Hound

10) Which AKC breed is the only American breed in the Toy group? Toy Fox Terrier

11) Which AKC breed looks like a chocolate lab (or can be as light as the color of straw) but has yellowish-colored or amber-colored eyes? Chesapeake Bay Retriever

12) Which AKC breed originated in the midwestern United States? American Water Spaniel

13) Which AKC spitz breed earned its popularity in the circus? American Eskimo Dog

14) Which AKC breed is named for its hunting ability of the woodcock? Cocker Spaniel

15) Which AKC breed can have blue and/or brown eyes, can have a naturally bobbed tail, and is never a solid color? Australian Shepherd

Bonus Question) What do all these breeds have in common? They are American!

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