Can Your Dog Help You Find Mr or Mrs Right?

In Memory of Smokey - One Darned Good Dog

Have you heard that dogs have a way of knowing who to trust and who not to trust? I have too, and I believe I have seen evidence of it in some of my own dogs. One dog I have had really seemed to know who I should stay away from. His name was Smokey. He was my dog, through and through. He generally liked people and enjoyed being petted. He was with me so much that we often met strangers together. The stranger and I would shake hands, talk, and sometimes we would even laugh together. And Smokey was often just fine with it. But every once in a while, a certain person would get his hackles up. Based on Smokey’s reactions I decided not to let a certain salesman into my home, didn’t stay to chat with a certain man while we were out hiking, and decided not to keep my appointment with a certain veterinary clinic.

While Smokey really seemed to have a sense of people, every other dog I have owned never came close to having the same skill. Maya, for example, seems to love everybody. Then there was a rescue dog who I was trying to rehabilitate who didn’t like anybody. So my guess is that some dogs have the sense and some dogs don’t, just like how some people are with other people.

But that’s not to say that your dog can’t be of some help to you. You know how your dog is and how they are with people. So watch how your dog reacts with your date. Do they greet your date like they do with anyone else they meet? Or do they tend to stay away and go to their safe place, like under the table or in their bed? If your date tries to pet your dog, does the dog let them or does he shy away? If your date acts playful with your dog, does your dog get into the game or act wary or disinterested?

Obviously, just because your dog may like a certain person doesn’t mean that this person is Mr or Mrs Right. And it doesn’t mean you should ignore any other red flags which might arise. Be safe, be smart, and use common sense. But if you missed something, your dog just might be able to tell you which one is Mr Wrong. Know your dog and look for the signs. And have a happy and safe Valentines Day.

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