Dog Breed Quiz – Test Your Doggie IQ

See if you know or can find the answers to the following questions about AKC dog breeds. One dog breed will be the answer to two questions. Figure out the fun final answer and you will learn what inspired us to write this. The answers will be given on our blog in the next couple of days.

1) Which type of terrier has a longer body and longer legs than of any other AKC terrier breeds?

2) Which red and white dog breed (white with red patches) was recently recognized by the AKC in 2009?

3) Which AKC dog breed is nicknamed “the clown of the spaniel family”?

4) Which AKC dog breed was originally bred to run the wheel of the turnspit of a hot kitchen? The turnspit is a wheel in which the dog runs in order to turn the meat cooking over the fire.

5) Which AKC dog breed was known for its large size and for its ability to hunt wolves?

6) Which AKC dog breed in the Sporting Dog Group has a rat-like tail covered with short curls (almost looks hairless)?

7) Which old terrier AKC dog breed is not only good at hunting vermin but is also a great all-around farm dog who is good at guarding and herding?

8 ) Which AKC dog breed in the Sporting Dog Group started out as a red and white breed but came only in a solid red color in the late 1800s?

9) Which AKC dog breed has the softest, silkiest, and waviest terrier coat and comes in a blue color?

10) What do all these AKC dog breeds have in common?

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