Easter Candy Safety for Your Dogs

Candy may be more prevalent in your household during holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, or Easter. So if you have pets, it is important to keep candy out of their reach. Easter is an especial time to be cautious as you may have hidden candy around your house for the kids to find. You wouldn’t want your dog to find any by accident.
While candy, for the most part, may be harmless to your pet, too much could cause upset stomach, vomiting, and/or diarrhea. Even little bits of candy given over a long period of time could lead to obesity or even Type II Diabetes – Yes, dogs can get diabetes too.
Not only is candy bad for a dog’s health, certain candy such as chocolate could be deadly. Dark chocolate is even more potentially harmful than milk chocolate. But if your dog ingests any form of chocolate, it is best to consult your vet immediately for proper treatment.
Eating candy wrappers or basket grass could also be harmful to your pet. Such things could cause intestinal blockage in your dog’s intestines, which in turn could lead to death.
Be careful of your dog eating hard boiled eggs as well. While the eggs and the egg shells may be relatively harmless, there is a danger of choking. This applies to the plastic eggs with hidden goodies as well. If your dog happens to eat a hard boiled egg with its shell without choking on it, he is probably okay. But it wouldn’t hurt to contact your vet just to make sure. However, if your dog eats a plastic egg without choking, get your dog to the vet immediately as an object of this size is very likely to cause blockage in your dog’s intestinal tract.
To keep your dog from getting into any candy or other Easter stuff, keep it out of your dog’s reach or in cupboards which have child safety latches. If you hide candy and other Easter stuff for your children, keep the dog in their crate, in another room, or outside during these activities (or inside if the Easter hunt for the kids is outside). Make a list of how many and where you hid each item so that you can be sure all are found before you allow your dog back into that area.
To have fun with your dog as well as with your children during Easter, hide dog biscuits. But keep your dog’s event separate from your children’s. Your children will have just as much fun helping your dog find their treats as they did finding their own eggs and candy.
And the final Easter candy safety advise we have is that you keep your dog at home when you go to an Easter event. Candy and other Easter stuff will be everywhere and your dog may find something a child missed. Or someone who doesn’t know the dangers of chocolate to dogs may accidentally give your dog a deadly treat.
Easter is supposed to be a special event for your family. Practice these safety tips and everyone, including your dog, will have a good, safe, and happy holiday.

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