Caddy the Easter Dog

Yes, Caddy is named after the famous Cadbury egg. Kind of cheesy, but the kids wanted to give her an Easter name for the circumstances under which she came into our hearts.

We were on our way home from an Easter egg hunt when we saw a dog limping along the side of the road. There is a danger when pulling over on the side of the road and getting out of your car, but we weren’t thinking about the danger to ourselves. We made sure the kids stayed in the car, of course, but out we went towards the dog. She limped her way to us as we approached, her head held low and her tail wagging slightly but tucked submissively between her legs.

She was dirty, skinny, and had some blood on her back leg which she held up because she couldn’t walk on it. It was obvious that she had been struck by a car. But had she also been abandoned or was she just lost? She wore no tags so there was no one to call. We could have called the police or animal control. But she was so friendly and sweet that we had no problems lifting her into the back of our SUV.

We knew of a veterinary clinic nearby and hoped that they would be open. There weren’t, but there was an emergency number posted on the door. We called the number and a veterinary doctor was there within twenty minutes. He confirmed her leg was broken. The leg was easy enough to fix, but there was something more, and much worse. She had the Parvovirus, otherwise known as Parvo. He would treat the dog for the Parvovirus, but there was no guarantee. Many dogs diagnosed with Parvo still die even though they received treatment. It is a very deadly disease.

The vet would do everything he could despite the unknown ownership of the dog. So we left the dog with the vet with the promise that we would do what we could to find the dog’s owner. We went home, posted an ad in the paper and online and contacted the local animal shelter.

While we did what we could to locate the dog’s owner, we initially had no intention of seeing the dog again. But we couldn’t keep her out of our minds. The kids were especially concerned. So we called the vet the next day to find out how she was doing. And after much begging and pleading from the kids, we went back to the vet to visit the dog. She did not look well, but seemed to perk up when she saw the kids. She lifted her head and wagged her tail. In fact, the vet had said that this was the only good sign the dog had given since her arrival. It was a good sign because otherwise she appeared sad and depressed. This, of course, prompted us to visit again the day and for the kids to give her the name of Caddy.

When we went to visit Caddy again, she was looking so much better and was so happy to see us. She thrived on our visits and we thrived on the joy she gave us. Before long, it became obvious that no one was going to claim her. After overcoming Parvo and living at the vet for just over a week, we decided to adopt her. We gladly paid the vet bill, which was kindly discounted, and took her home.

Caddy has been with us for four years now. She is an unusual looking dog, I would say Golden Retriever/Corgi mix. Her head, tail, and coat looks like a Golden Retriever, but she has the body of a short-legged Corgi. Our kids and other kids in the neighborhood love playing with her, and she absolutely adores them. We love to take her to the dog park where she gets lots of attention from strangers who comment on her unusual, yet adorable, look. We hope to have many more years with her. And even though she might leave us one day, we will never forget the dog we found on that special Easter Sunday.

(Although written by us, this story was shared with the permission of Caddy’s owners.)


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