Disaster Preparedness for Your Dog and Other Pets

Disasters happen every time of year in every part of the world. We seldom think about preparing for it because it always seems to happen to someone else far away. But we should think about it. And we should prepare. Make disaster plans for yourself and your family. And don’t forget to include your pets in that plan.

Always make sure your pets are wearing id tags with your current information. That way, if disaster occurs and you are separated from your pet, someone who happens to find your pet has a way to contact you.

Make an evacuation plan for you and your family. When evacuating the home, each member of the family needs to know their escape routes. And designate you or your spouse to be the one who gathers the pets. Dogs, cats, and other pets tend to want to hide during an emergency situation, so know your pets’ favorite places around the house.

Keep supplies on hand. Certain supplies such as water, blankets, and a first aid kit can be kept in your car. Other supplies such as your dog’s leash, any medications, food, and pet carriers should be easily accessible and close at hand. Consider keeping your dog’s vet info and photo in your purse or wallet so that in the event that you get separated from your pet, you have a way of helping others to look for or find him.

Know places in your community where you can go in an emergency. And make sure they will accept your pets. Some shelters don’t allow pets so check with your vet or a friend to see if they would be willing to hold on to your pet in the event of an emergency. Some dog shelters will hold pets too, but these places will likely already be full. PetsWelcome.com has a website which can give you a list of hotels which allow dogs. They also list other dog-friendly places.

Some of the most common disasters include fires, floods, tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes. Make an emergency plan for each and include every member of your family. A disaster can be a terrible tragedy. A good plan can help to keep it from being even more devastating.

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