Our Dog, Mos Magee – Great Dogs Come From the Humane Society

Mos Magee

Over two years had gone by since our family dog, Missy, had died. We had been toying with the idea of getting another dog for some time, but it was difficult knowing that no dog could ever replace the joy that Missy had brought us. Every week, I would look through the section of the newspaper which posted photos of dogs available for adoption at the Humane Society. They were all very adorable, but it wasn’t until I saw Scooby that my consideration for a new dog went beyond browsing.

Scooby was a ten-month-old Australian Shepherd Mix. He looked a lot like Missy, but was just enough different to be his own personality. After thinking about Scooby all day, I got off work early and called my husband to see if he was busy at work. He said he wasn’t too busy and asked if I wanted to do something. I asked him if he wanted to go to the Humane Society. He replied, “Do you want to go see Scooby?”. Apparently, he had seen the same picture in the newspaper and thought the same thing as I did.

At the Humane Society, we found that Scooby seemed pleasant enough, but he was way more interested in sticks than he was in us. I also thought his face didn’t really have the same friendly expression that I had become familiar with in Missy. I think I was just thinking of excuses to not fall in love with this dog. But I went back a couple of times just to become familiar with him.

Almost a couple weeks after our first visit, Scooby became a new member of our family. We changed his name to Mos Magee after a character on “The Office”. He is the greatest dog and I love him to pieces. He filled the hole that Missy left and also touched me in ways that only Mos could. He’s my special dog.

People are ALWAYS asking what breed he is. We think that in addition to Australian Shepherd, he must have some Springer or Brittney Spaniel in him. Some people have also said he looks like a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. We don’t really know, all we know is that he is ours and we love him.

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