Tornado Safety for Your Pets

It is Tornado Season again in the Midwest and other parts of the United States. As a follow-up to our post on Disaster Preparedness for Your Dog and Other Pets, we are giving additional tips on Tornado Safety for Your Pets.

As in any disaster preparedness plan, know where your pets’ hiding places are so that you can locate them. Storms scare some pets so they may be in hiding. Keep a leash, crate, or other safe pet restraint handy so you can lead or carry your pet to the safe place.

Know of a safe place within your home or around in your neighborhood where you can go in the case of a tornado warning. If the safe place is not in your home, but in your neighborhood, make sure it is a place which will allow your pets.

The safest place within your home is the basement. If you do not have a basement, go to the centermost room or hallway on the lowest floor, away from any windows, and get under a table or other such piece of furniture.

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