Dog Book Review – Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul



I cried with tears of both sadness and joy when I read Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul. I went through a whole box of Kleenex. While some of the stories were sad, they were only sad because of the immeasurable happiness that they brought to their owners before they passed on.
 One of the stories includes a very old story which you may have heard before. Every day, a man would go catch the trolley and his dog, Jack, would follow him. When the man got on the trolley, Jack would go home. But he would always come back to meet the man when the trolley brought him back home. One day, the man had to move but couldn’t take Jack with him. He gave Jack away to a family to take care of him, but Jack didn’t want that family. So he left. And every day, at the same time, he would go back to the trolley station and wait for his owner to come home. And every day for many days, the man didn’t come home. Thankfully, someone contacted Jack’s owner. He promptly came home and made sure that he caught the same trolley that he knew Jack would be waiting for. It was a happy ending for such a loyal and wonderful dog.
 There are many more such sad yet happy stories. There is one about the legendary fire dog in Chicago. His name was Felix and he even has a statue built in his honor. There is the one about Max, a beagle-mix who learned how to open the refrigerator. There is one about Bashur, the Iraqi dog and Gremlin, a US Navy dog.  Go to our affiliate site called Dog Lover’s Book Store to order your book.
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