Frank, Molly, and T-Bone – Story of Rescued Dachshunds

Molly, Frank, T-Bone

Some time back, we featured a story about the Dachshund dog breed and shared a little bit about Frank, Molly, and T-Bone – three great pure-bred Dachshunds who were rescued. Today, we are going to share more of their story – exactly as given to me by my aunt. The lives of Frank, Molly, and T-Bone each starts with one of tragedy, but ends in a happy and loving home to people who would never consider using them, mistreating them, or letting them go.

My Aunt Carol in Oregon writes,
“Frank is the larger, red one. He was rescued from some college student who was tired of taking care of him and was going to let him loose. He has turned out to be a great pet. He is well-behaved, even though some times he gets an attitude. He also feels that he is in charge of the other two and tries to keep them in line. Molly is the chocolate brown one. She is a sweetie pie. She is the escape artist and we are sure she is the one that got away from their last living arrangement and led T-bone on their adventure to our home. She and T-bone were found by some friends of ours running down a busy street. They stopped their car and stopped traffic and rescued them. They were both undernourished and filthy. After searching for their owners for a month, Del and I decided to keep them. Actually we decided before the month was out and hoped no one would come forward. No one did and we have had them now for 2 years. Our vet thinks they may have come from a nearby puppy mill. It appears Molly has had many litters. T-Bone (or Mr. T, TT, Boner or an assortment of other nicknames) is the black one. He is such a sweet boy and very innocent. He has degenerative disk disease. He was paralyzed for about a month, but has regained the use of his back legs. We are going to get him a wheel chair when the time comes that he needs it. As you can see, we are proud parents of our little guys. They are so much fun to have around.”

As you can see, a great pet does not have to be purchased. If you are not lucky enough to come across a dog who needs a good home the way my aunt and uncle did, you can always find great dogs at the animal shelter. If you have your heart set on a pure-bred dog, though, animal shelters have purebreds too. If they don’t have the breed you want at the time, ask them if they will put you on a list and contact you when they get a dog in the breed you want. There are also dog rescue groups all over the United States. Check online and search for a dog rescue group which specifically rescues and adopts out dogs of a certain breed. Dog rescue groups are great because they take care of the dogs personally and know more about their individual characteristics. There are also much more knowledgeable about the breed and can give you lots of great care and training tips.

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