Dogs & the 4th of July Don’t Mix

Please leave your dogs at home when you go check out the fireworks this year.  Even dogs who are not generally scared of loud noises may be sensitive to the continuous booming sounds of the fireworks.  Every year, animal shelters are flooded with dogs who ran off in terror during the 4th of July celebrations.  If you don’t believe me, just call your local animal shelter and ask.

When you leave your dog at home, make sure they are in a secure place.  If possible, leave them in the house so they don’t dig out.  Even a dog who doesn’t normally dig may be inclined to dig when they are terrified.  With big dogs who are extra sensitive to loud noises, consider leaving them inside the house in a crate so that they don’t break through a window. 

For other information on tips about dogs and the 4th of July, visit Pet Auto Safety

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