Fun Dog Puzzle – Unique Dog Colors

It has been a while since we did a dog breed puzzle so we thought we would make a little game out of some of the unique colors associated with certain dog breeds. Many dogs are of standard colors, including black, tan, white, red, black and white, black and tan, etc. But let’s see if you can guess which dog breed is associated with which color. Each color is unique to only one dog breed. However, one dog breed may have more than one unique color.

Which AKC dog breed has ________ as a color used to describe it?

1) Harlequin

2) Cinnamon

3) Sedge

4) Badger

5) Seal (with white markings)

6) Mantle

7) Red Sesame

8) Deadgrass

9) Ruby

10) Buckskin

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