What To Do If You Suspect a Puppy Mill

Puppy mills are all to common these days. We are already a country with an overpopulation of pets, yet unscrupulous dog breeders continue to breed dogs with the sole purpose of making a fast buck.

What is a puppy mill, you ask. Anyone who breeds many dogs at one time should probably be considered a puppy mill. Generally, pairs of adult dogs live their lives in a cage breeding. They generally live in kennel-like cages, sometimes with both indoor and outdoor rooms. The cages are supposed to be roomy, but that is sometimes not the case. The cages are supposed to be heated and air-conditioned but this is also not always the case. There is supposed to be people to pick up after the dogs and provide general pet care, but this is also not always the case.

You may not know when you are buying a pet from a puppy mill, because the seller isn’t going to tell you. They are not going to let you come to their facility to pick out the dog. They will always have an excuse to meet elsewhere. And of course they are going to tell you about the high quality of the mother and father dogs, but most likely you will not get to meet them either. The mother and father dogs may indeed have come from a good blood-line. But unless you know a lot about the genealogy of dogs and what a good blood-line really is, you really have know way of knowing what sort of unhealthy genetic traits may have been passed on.

If you suspect a puppy may have come from a puppy mill instead of a responsible breeder, the Humane Society of the United States may be able to help. The have set up a task force to look into and take action against puppy mills. This task force works nationwide so it doesn’t matter which state you live in.

If you suspect a puppy mill, call the task force at 877-MILLTIP (877-645-5847).

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