It is Okay to Have a Big Dog in an Apartment

Do you want a big dog but think it is cruel to have a big dog in an apartment? As long as you have time to spend with your dog, it is not cruel at all. In fact, a dog living inside probably gets much more attention than a dog living in the back yard.

More and more apartment complexes are allowing renters with big dogs. You may have to pay a higher deposit and an extra monthly fee, but these big-dog-friendly apartments are out there. So you don’t need to give up your dog if you find that you have to move from a house to an apartment.

Eight years ago, I found myself in this very situation. But there was no way I was giving up my dog. When I moved from Texas to Kansas, I found a great big-dog-friendly apartment at Autumn Park Apartments. Me and my 55 pound dog, Sephi, live there for eight years. I paid a $300 pet deposit and an additional $25.00 per month. And it was worth every penny!

A few years ago, I got another big dog, Maya. Both Maya and Sephi did just fine living in our one bedroom apartment. We went for walks almost every day so they got plenty of exercise. I also occasionally paid a pet sitter to come walk them on days when I would be working late or something.

If you want a big dog in an apartment, just keep in mind that an indoor dog may need more training. There is potty training to consider and chewing issues. Both of these may be alleviated with crate training. Also, consider the breed of dog. Some dog breeds require more exercise than others. It is probably better for a high-energy breed, like a Border Collie, to have a yard to play in.

Sephi and Maya got a lot of love because they were indoors rather than in the lonely outdoors. Even though they lived in an apartment for a long time, they are very happy and healthy dogs. Apartment life has not diminished the quality of their lives in any way whatsoever.


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