Animal Figurine Discount Code for 10% Off

The most adorable dog and cat figurines are available at Animal Figurine Dog figurines come in almost every AKC breed. There are dog figurines in the Sporting Dog, Hound Dog, Terrier, and other AKC groups. The dog figurines also come in different styles. There are the standard dog figurines of just the dogs, dog figurines dressed as little devil dogs, and My Dog Figurines where the dog is in a unique pose or setting.

Cat Figurines come in a variety of cat breeds including the standard domestic short hair brown tabby, red or orange tabby, silver tabby, black, black and white, and calico. Other cat figurines include the Persian, Rag Doll, Siamese, and others.

If you are interested in dog and cat figurines for yourself and/or as a gift, please feel free to use the discount code naturefriend (all lower-case and all one word) when you place your order. This discount code will give you 10% off. And you can use it again if you ever place another order. And you can share the discount with a friend.

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