Meet Sephi And Maya

You may have heard of Sephi and Maya on our other blog, Pet Auto Safety  Sephi And Maya are more than just my dogs, they are a part of the family.  Sephi is a 9 year old Lab/Shepherd/Chow mix.  She has many nicknames including Boo Boo, Brat, and recently, Old Lady.  Maya is almost 3 years old and she is a yellow Lab.  Maya’s nicknames are Maya Papaya, Poopers, Nosy, and Trouble.  Some of the nicknames may sound mean, but I say it out of love.

Check them out in this cute video.  Sephi is talking in her best doggy way and Maya is wondering what all the excitement is about.  Sephi talks when she is excited and especially when it comes to feeding time.  Maya always likes to investigate what is going on – hense the nickname Nosy.

Do you have a cute video of your dog?  Share it with us.  Email us at and ask us to post it on our blog.

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