Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Dog from Any Dog Breeder

If you want a pure bred dog but don’t want to rescue one, there is some serious research you should do before purchasing.  Getting a dog is a very important and life-changing decision so you will want to make sure that you get the best family pet possible.  Just any puppy from any breeder won’t do.  You may be purchasing the most adorable dog from a litter, but you may also be purchasing a dog which could cost you thousands of dollars and lots of heartache in the future.  This is because there are lots of dog breeders out there who do not properly evaluate for genetic health or temperament issues.  They breed dogs to make money and either don’t know or don’t care about such things.

To protect yourself from these types of breeders, you need to arm yourself with the right questions and be knowledgeable enough to know when you hear the right answers.  And we have found the perfect website for you to begin.  Visit for the most comprehensive list of questions you should ask, the reasons you should ask them, and the most favorable answers which will help you determine who is going to sell you the best quality dog.

Some of the questions outlined by this website include, How long has the breeder been involved in this particular breed?, How knowledgeable is the breeder about this particular breed?, Will the breeder tell you about all the positive qualities of the breed as well as the negative?, Are the breeder’s dogs kennel dogs or house pets?, Will the breeder provide you with the names of their veterinarian and several past purchasers to serve as references?, What kind of guarantees does the breeder offer?, Does the breeder expect to sell you a puppy with strings attached?, What does the breeder do to socialize their puppies?, and more.

The website also advises you to beware of non-standard deviations, review the premise of where the dogs are bred and raised, and prepare to answer questions and fill out adoption paperwork which any reputable breeder will ask.

Following the steps and advice of this website will greatly reduce the chances of you purchasing a dog which may develop health problems or temperament issues.  The chance is still there, but it is far less likely because a responsible breeder has taken the time to thoroughly evaluate the dogs before breeding them.  You may end up purchasing a more expensive dog, but your future best friend will be worth every penny.

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