Holiday Pet Discount at Pet Auto and Animal Figurine

Dog figurines from Animal Figurine Store

Dog Figurines from the Animal Figurine Store

The holidays are here once again.  It is time to visit family, to be thankful for all the goodness in your life, to remember the good spirit of humanity, and to let your friends and family know how much you care.  While you don’t always have to give a gift in order for someone know you care, it makes you feel good.  I love it when I get a card from a friend.  Gifts are nice too, but not necessary.  But when I see that look on their face as they hand me the gift, I know that it’s a gift which they put special thought into just for me.  I can’t help but to appreciate their friendship all the more.

All my friends know that I am a big lover.  So most of the time, I am given gifts which have to do with dogs – a book about dogs, a dog toy, something I can use for my dogs, or just a gift with a dog theme.  If you have a dear friend who loves dogs as much as I do, consider getting them such a gift.  A dog figurine of their beloved pet can be something special and a great keepsake.  A dog car seat belt for their dog is another idea.  A dog lover will genuinely appreciate that you not only thought about them, but that you also thought about the special four-legged friend in their life.

As a gift to you, we are giving you a special discount on Pet Auto and Animal Figurine  To get 15% off, enter discount code, holidaypet.  That is spelled in all lower-case and all one word.  Feel free to use it anytime.  But be sure to place an order early.  We don’t offer rush shipping so the earlier you place your order, the better.

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