Why Not Big Dogs in Hotels?

No Big Dogs Allowed

No Big Dogs Allowed

Visit GiveBigDogsABreak.com to sign a petition which discriminates against big dogs in hotels.  Many hotels have a weight limit on dogs because supposedly big dogs are messier and more of a hassle for hotel owners.  Those of you who have owned both big dogs and little dogs know this is absolutely not true.  Yes, a big dog who poops in the hotel room is most likely to leave a bigger mess.  But in general, big dogs are easier to house train than little dogs.  So a little dog pooping in the hotel is more likely to happen.

Also, hotel owners worry about big dogs harassing or biting hotel staff or other visitors to the hotel.  While we hear lots of news stories about a Rottweiler or Pit Bull attacking people, it happens less often than you think.  And believe it or not, most reported bite cases are from little dogs, not big dogs.  Yes, a big dog could do more damage, but a little dog bite is more likely to happen and more likely to get infected.

So visit GiveBigDogsABreak.com and sign the petition today.  Stand up for your big dog so that he gets treated the same as a little dog.


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