Give Thanks for Our Animal Friends

I am extremely grateful for my pets.  There have been many times in my life where things just weren’t going right.  But my pets always made those times better.  When I was a girl, I was picked on quite a bit on school.  I became somewhat of a recluse.  The only thing which could bring me outside my room and make me smile was my dog, Cassie.  When I was older, Smokey was there to help me adjust to the stressful change from college to work.  And when I was older still, Sephi helped me through a painful divorce.

Did you know that pets can actually help people live longer happier lives?  I can attest that they have definitely made my life happier.  And several studies have statistically shown that people with pets tend to live longer or recover faster from injury or health issues.  They make us smile, give us a reason to get up and move about, and let us do or say anything without judgement.

So keep your pets in mind this Thanksgiving holiday.  Put your pets in your prayers and give them a tasty doggie treat (no people food!).  Perhaps even consider giving a donation to your local animal shelter.  There is no other relationship like the relationship with people and their pets so be thankful for this miraculous wonder.

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