Dog Holiday Fun Mad Lib

Do you remember Mad Libs as a kid?  It is really fun.  Simply find words which fit into the description category below.  Then in a few days, put these words in the blanks of the story we will post on the 21st.  Then read your story!

Here is an example of how a Mad Lib works.  Think of a dog’s name and a dog’s toy.  Any name or dog toy will do.  Then put then in the blanks of this sentence… “___(name)___ got a ___(dog toy)___ for Christmas and played with it all day.”

Now, think of names or things which fit into the following categories.  Be silly if you want.  The sillier you are, the funnier the story will be.  If you are reading this after December 18th, don’t peek at the 21st post until you have the following list completed.  Otherwise, it will ruin the story!

Boy dog name
Dog breed
Something you do in the snow (ex. sledding)
Christmas stuff (plural) (ex. gingerbread cookies)
Christmas food (ex. ham)
Christmas treats (plural) (ex. candy canes)
A present a child would get for Christmas
Another color
Girl dog name
Dog breed
Christmas character (ex. Santa)
Game you play (ex. Monopoly, football, etc.)
Something you ride (ex. skateboard, sleigh, etc.)
Christmas song
Boy dog name
Dog breed
Another Dog breed
Dog body part (ex. eyes)
Another dog body part
And another dog body part
Dog color (ex. brown)
Any color
Another color
Something a child would get for Christmas
Another color
Family member (ex. Uncle Ted)
Another family member

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