Clicker Training Your Dog – Is it for You?

Clicker Training

Clicker for Clicker Training Your Dog

As a dog trainer, I think the clicker is an awesome training tool.  Even though clicking to train sounds very simple, it has to be used appropriately or it may not work effectively.  You have to click the moment the dog does good.  And you have to use it EVERY time.  As a dog trainer, I don’t use the clicker.  Why isn’t it for me?  Because I prefer to give verbal praise.  I just can’t help myself.  Trying to get in the habit of clicking is really difficult for me since I have trained using verbal praise my entire life.  And I started dog training early (I started at age 10 with my beloved Sheltie and childhood friend, Cassie).

If you are new to dog training or you think you can overcome your preconditioned methods of training, the benefits to clicker training are many:
*Positive reinforcement – Clicker training followed by a treat is a clear signal to your dog that they did well.  When they don’t do well, they don’t get a click and don’t get a treat.  No negative reinforcement applies with clicker training.
*No force – There is no need to force your dog with a leash or collar jerk with clicker training.  Reward your dog when he does what you want and do nothing when they don’t.
*Easy to use – It is a simple click and a treat.
*Easy for the dog to understand – Your voice can vary in tone and you may inadvertently convey frustration or impatience.  The click is a clear and concise sound.  If the clicker is used consistently and right when your dog does well, they quickly come to understand the sound of the click as a job well-done.
*Builds confidence in the dog – Rewarding your dog when they do well with a click and avoiding any negative reinforcement helps your dog learn what to do instead of what not to do.
*Great training tool for dogs who are usually shy or stubborn during training – Both shy dogs or stubborn dogs can give up during training if they are having trouble understanding what you are trying to teach.  Clicking gives a clear signal of when they have done well.

If you are considering clicker training for your dog, be sure that the answer to the following questions are yes:
*Can I remember to use the clicker during training every time my dog does well?
*Can I consistently click right at the moment that my dog does well?

For a basic beginning in clicker training and tools, visit our a-Store – Dog Training Supplies.

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3 Responses to “Clicker Training Your Dog – Is it for You?”

  1. Sunshine Rescue Says:

    Clicker training takes a little getting used to but it is not too hard. I love using the clicker for training!

  2. Juliette Says:

    No, like you I like to use my voice, my clicker is still in a drawer somewhere from years ago – my Mum got it for me when I got my westie years ago. I don’t think it’s bad, works for some but I enjoy talking to my dog!

  3. Malamute Mom Says:

    I don’t use the clicker either. My dogs respond very well to the sound of my voice. But it makes sense to use the clicker on stubborn dogs. My friend has a rottweiler who was hard to train. But with the help of this really great dog trainer and the clicker, her dog now listens to her a lot more.

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