Finely-Crafted Dog Themed Woodcraft Art by Jon Fine

Dog Themed Woodcraft ArtEver heard of  It is a website for individual craftsmen to display and sell their wares.  If you are looking for hand-crafted art for yourself or as a gift, this is the place to visit.

One craftsman we found had some great dog themed woodcraft art.  His name is Jon Fine from Mays Landing in southern New Jersey.  Check out the above product and more at his Etsy website –

We love the above piece as well as one called “Dog miniature wooden desk clock”, “A Spoilt Dog Live Here wood mug holder”, “The Dog Lady wood display”, “I Love My Lab wood sign” and other dog breed wood signs.

Jon is 55 years old, happily married with two grown sons, and has a pit bull and three cats.  The quality of his dog themed woodcraft art makes it obvious that he is an animal lover.  Jon’s dog themed woodcraft art is a unique gift for anyone who loves dogs.  And his work is reasonably priced.  If you like his work but want something a little different, just ask!  He is more than eager to help make you the perfect gift.  Contact him and find out more at his Etsy website  Etsy is safe and secure and full of quality craftsmen like Jon.


One Response to “Finely-Crafted Dog Themed Woodcraft Art by Jon Fine”

  1. Jessie Says:

    Nice work!

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