Make Sure Your Dog Has Good Luck on St. Patrick’s Day

Today I'm Irish

St. Patrick’s Day can be a fairly mild day for some people but a wild and crazy day for others.  Whether you celebrate or not, it is good to keep safety for your pet in mind on this day.

If you take your dog out to the park or other public place, be aware that there may be more people around than usual… and some of those people may be drunk.  Someone who has had too much to drink may not behave in an acceptable manner.  Your dog may be intimidated by or threatened by someone behaving inappropriately.

With more people also comes more trash and more harmful objects for your dog to get into.  A good example of something dangerous would be a broken glass bottle.  You also want to keep your dog away from alcohol and discarded food.

You also need to worry about loud noises when you take your dog out.  St. Patrick’s Day is known for having parades which can be loud and terrifying to a dog.  I took Sephi to a St. Patrick’s Day parade once.  I will never do it to her again.  Thankfully, the parade wasn’t too far from where we were staying so I was able to get her back home before she got too stressed.

If you go out with your dog on St. Patrick’s Day, be sure to keep him on a leash.  A restrained dog is less likely to be able to bite someone who frightens them.  Your dog is less likely to run off at a loud noise.  And your dog is less likely to get into something dangerous left on the ground.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and practice safety for your pet!


One Response to “Make Sure Your Dog Has Good Luck on St. Patrick’s Day”

  1. Juliette Says:

    May be drunk? An understatement I think, especially in Ireland! Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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