Product Review from Maya – Bottle Buddy Dog Toy

I recently purchased a new dog toy – The Bottle Buddy dog toy from Kyjen.  The toy is mostly for Maya since she is younger and tends to make more trouble when she gets bored.  Maya loves absolutely loves her new Bottle Buddy dog toy.  It is not quite an indestructible dog toy but it has lasted a surprising long time – for Maya.  She is much more interested in the crinkling sound of the plastic bottle inside than she is on chewing off the arms, ears, and eyes of the Bottle Buddy dog toy.  While the Bottle Buddy dog toy is not overly expensive, it wouldn’t have been worth it if Maya had chewed it up within a couple of hours.

Maya likes her Kong dog toy (especially when there is peanut butter inside) but she gets super excited when I pull out the Bottle Buddy dog toy for play.  I have to say that it is her most favorite toy EVER.  It’s got the material of a plush toy (which she also loves but chews up in minutes), but it has the plastic bottle as stuffing.  So no more stuffing strewn all over the floor!  Plus I don’t have to worry about her chewing off plastic pieced of the bottle since the bottle is encased in the plush covering.  When Maya has chewed the plastic bottle into an unrecognizable shape, the plastic bottle of the Bottle Buddy dog toy can be replaced.  It’s another way to recycle!

The Bottle Buddy dog toy was a great investment.  You can get one at our a-Store, Indestructible Dog Toys, or make a homemade one.  For a homemade one, take a plastic bottle and put it in an old sock.  If your dog is a big chewer, however, I would recommend you not use an old sock, but make one with fleece material instead.  It is super-easy to make, inexpensive, and tons of fun!


2 Responses to “Product Review from Maya – Bottle Buddy Dog Toy”

  1. Juliette and Dougie Says:

    Hi Dawn, sounds like a dog toy my Dougie would like – he was brought up in a hotel suite for the first 6 months of his life and best toy for him, despite all I provided, was the small mineral water bottle from the hospitality tray (which when I pulled out in the morning for my coffee, was at eye level to him). Good the plastic bottle can be replaced too and is safely shrouded in the plush material – well yes you could make one at home but hey life is so busy! Good post, thanks for sharing.

  2. Great Christmas Toys for Dogs « American Dog Blog Says:

    […] Bottle Buddy Dog Toys Maya still hasn’t chewed one up completely. I’ve replaced the plastic bottle inside several times but the plush bottle buddy dog toy is still in decent shape. It shows some obvious chewing and I have washed it a couple times, but otherwise it has easily lasted her several months (with supervised play only). […]

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