Book Review – “Dogs I Have Met and the People They Found” by Ken Foster

Dogs I Have Met: And the People They Found

“Dogs I Have Met and the People They Found” by Ken Foster is in a way one story, but in another way many stories.  It is one story in that it is Ken’s experience.  It is also one story in that he talks about his own dogs, especially his pit bull mix named Brando.  It is many stories in that Ken talks about many special dogs he has met and that he shares stories which his fans have written him about their own beloved dogs.

One story which he shares is about a puppy who was literally discarded by his previous owners.  The poor puppy was tossed out of a moving vehicle and severely injured.  He would have surely died a slow and painful death if he had not been rescued by a passerby.  Jessica was the one who rescued him.  She had very little money of her own but didn’t give up.  She managed to rally a town to help her with vet bills and adopted the dog for her very own.  He is now probably one of the happiest dogs in the world – and the luckiest.

Another story from “Dogs I have Met” which Ken shares is about his own experience with the health of his dogs and the trouble of getting proper vet treatment for them.  One story is about his dog Sula and another is about his dog Brando.  The stories reminded me of Sephi’s bad vet experience.  It cost me over $1,000 and cost Sephi a few traumatizing vet visits only to find that she had a very simple and treatable health issue – hypothyroidism.  (The treatment costs me $50 every six months for medicine.)

Ken Foster has done a lot of traveling and has met a lot of dogs.  The second chapter of his book is about his experience with dogs and dog people in Costa Rica.  Some other chapters are about his experience with dogs in New Orleans just after Hurricane Katrina.  He also talks about a dog with a rare disease and a loveable pit bull named Jimmy.

I keep saying stories, but the word story sort of implies that the stories are made up.  Ken’s stories are true.  He doesn’t write in story form.  He writes as if writing in journal.  He doesn’t embellish with fancy words and prose.  His writing is raw and real.  The letters people have written him are real.  The dogs he has met are actual dogs and so are the people they found.

You can find his book, “Dogs I Have Met and the People They Found”, at or you can visit our Amazon a-Store at

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One Response to “Book Review – “Dogs I Have Met and the People They Found” by Ken Foster”

  1. Juliette and Dougie Says:

    I know what you mean about ‘stories’ but as you say, they are real life happenings. That dog who was tossed out the car – how can people do this? Why not just tie up, somewhere in a public place to be found? That angers me big time. A few years ago I was driving on a motorway (max speed 70 mph) and saw a man stop on the hard-shoulder and to my horror, he opened the offside back door and let out two great Danes loose on the motorway – despite laws I used my mobile phone immediately whilst driving and thank God those dogs were picked up within mins before certain death. I love reading about dogs and the difference they have made to people’s lives, as I can so identify with it. Nice post and book recommendation, thanks Dawn.

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