New Harry and Lola Children’s Book

Harry and Lola at the Sisters Rodeo (Harry and Lola series of children's books)

Remember when we posted about Harry and Lola?  We posted about two children’s books at  Those books were titled a Home for Harry and Lola and Harry and Lola with Smoki the Magical Cat, both written by and illustrated by Jean Nave.  The new book is titled Harry and Lola at the Sisters Rodeo.

When Harry and Lola visit the rodeo, they meet a Border Collie, a bull, a calf, rodeo clowns, and horses.  It’s a great educational story with wonderful illustrations.  Your child will love it!  You can read this book for free at or you can purchase the e-book for $.99 on our affiliate site, the Dog Lover’s Book Store.  The benefit for purchasing this book online is that the proceeds go to help the Aberdeen Scottish Terriers Rescue.

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