Dogs of the World – Pyrenean Sheepdog Dog Breed

Pyrenean Sheepdog Dog Breed

Pyrenean Sheepdog Dog Breed

The Pyrenean Sheepdog, also called the Pyrenees Shepherd, Labrit, and Berger des Pyrenees, is a dog breed of France.  He is a relative of a Spanish dog breed, the Catalan Sheepdog.  The Pyrenean Sheepdog dog breed was bred smaller than his Spanish cousin, making him suitable for herding in the Pyrenees mountain regions.  He is agile, hardy, and built for endurance.

The Pyrenean Sheepdog dog breed comes in two different varieties – longhair and smooth hair.  The smooth hair variety still has long hair, but the hair on his face is short, like that of a collie.  The longhair version (pictured above) has rougher hair and longer hair around his face.

The Pyrenean Sheepdog dog breed is great at herding and driving.  He generally works with the Great Pyrenees who guards the flock against mountain wolves.  The Pyrenean Sheepdog is also a good household companion dog breed.  To read more about the Pyrenean Sheepdog and other dog breeds of the world, check out “The New Encyclopedia of the Dog” by Bruce Fogle.  This book can be purchased at our affiliate store, the Dog Lover’s Book Store.

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