Sephi and Maya’s Annual Visit to the Vet – Part I, Maintain Your Dog’s Weight

Maintain Your Dog's Weight

Maintain your dog's weight - keep "bad" foods at a minimum or eliminate from the diet completely.

“Sephi and Maya are in perfect health”, says the vet.  They are not overweight, their teeth are in good shape for their age, their hearts sound good, their ears are clean, and so on.  The vet stated that the two most common problems he sees at his clinic are pets who are overweight and pets who have lots of tarter on their teeth.

As you may know, being overweight can lead to other health problems, such as diabetes.  The same goes for dogs.  Yes, dogs can get diabetes too.  The best way to prevent your dog from getting diabetes is to maintain his weight.

How do you maintain your dog’s weight?  You do it by monitoring his food.  Many dogs will eat and eat until they are beyond full.  And many owners mistake their dog wanting to eat to mean that their dog is hungry.  This is not always the case.

Dogs will generally overeat because it is genetically ingrained for them to do so.  Consider the wolf.  Dogs are a long way domesticated from the wolf, but they still have genetic traits similar to a wolf.  A wolf doesn’t get to eat very often.  Food is scarce and often hard to come by.  So when wolves take down a large animal, they gorge.  They eat until they are beyond full because who knows when their next meal will be.  Our dogs are fed regularly yet they still tend to have that instinct to gorge.

To maintain your dog’s weight, ask your vet how much and how often you should feed him -and stick to it.  Don’t let your dog guilt you into feeding him more.  Don’t mistake his begging to mean that he is hungry.  You can still give your dog treats from time to time, but limit amount and type of treats.  If your dog likes really fatty treats, limit these even more so.  If you notice your dog is getting a little overweight or is not losing the weight from the diet recommended by the vet, then decrease your dog’s food or change the food to one specifically for overweight dogs.  If your dog is losing weight too fast, then increase his food intake.  Remember to always exercise your dog regularly to help maintain good health and weight.


One Response to “Sephi and Maya’s Annual Visit to the Vet – Part I, Maintain Your Dog’s Weight”

  1. Juliette and Dougie Says:

    Glad all went well, I was a bit worried when I saw the post title in my inbox. I hate to see obese pets, it is however, their owners fault. I’ve started giving Dougs some senior supplements recently.

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