Sephi and Maya’s Annual Visit to the Vet – Part II, Keeping Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy

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Dogs with bad teeth are the next most common thing that Sephi and Maya’s vet sees.  I, too, have had dogs with bad teeth.  But some years ago before I got Sephi, I learned that keeping my dog’s teeth healthy is very important.  It is also very simple.  The easiest thing I do is give my dogs things to chew on.  Sephi and Maya always have lots of hard toys and bones to chew.

I do not give Sephi and Maya rawhide bones because of their inclination to gorge.  Eating a rawhide bone too quickly can cause serious issues if the rawhide gets stuck in their intestines.  If your dog won’t chew on hard toys or hard bones, you can try a rawhide bone.  As with all chew toys and bones, make sure you are able to monitor your dog when he has it.  Some dogs will chew a rawhide a little at a time but some dogs will actually eat it in big chunks.

If your dog doesn’t like to chew, you will need to brush his teeth on a regular basis.  You can get special dog toothpaste from a pet store or from your vet.  Your dog probably won’t like to have his teeth brushed, but it is for the best interest of his health.  Like being overweight, having bad teeth can also lead to other more serious health issues.

Fortunately, Sephi and Maya love to chew and thankfully they only chew the specific toys and bones that I give them.  Because they love to chew, they have great teeth with no tartar.  Sephi is 10 years old and other than a little yellowness and broken off pieces, her teeth are in better shape than most other dogs her age.  For some great toys and treats great for chewing, visit our Amazon affiliated store, Chew Toys and Treats for Dogs.

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One Response to “Sephi and Maya’s Annual Visit to the Vet – Part II, Keeping Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy”

  1. Juliette and Dougie Says:

    Thank goodness Dougs likes to chew, I would not like to have to brush his teeth (he hates being examined too closely by me in general, but is very good at the vets). There is quite a good video of how to brush your dog’s teeth at

    Dougs gets dental chews, not bones after his last near death experience with a disappearing big lamb bone. Vet says his teeth are fine, like your doggies. Apparently it is very expensive to have the vet clean your dog’s teeth (more expensive than for us to pay for a hygienist!)

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