What Does it Mean to go to a Veterinary Hospital that is AAHA Accredited?


AAHA stands for American Animal Hospital Association.  The AAHA is an organization which evaluates animal hospitals throughout the US and Canada on over 800 standards in quality pet care.  AAHA does not evaluate all animal hospitals.  An animal hospital chooses to work to meet AAHA standards then elects be evaluated by the AAHA.  If the AAHA finds that the animal hospital meets their standards, then the animal hospital becomes accredited with the AAHA.

The AAHA evaluates several areas of pet care including management, diagnostics, pharmaceutical, medical records, medical procedures, quality of care, and more.  Once an animal hospital is accredited, they have to be reevaluated every three years in order to make sure they continue to meet the AAHA standards.

The animal hospital which I take Sephi and Maya for both routine care and emergency care is the Animal Hospital of Lawrence located in Lawrence, Kansas.  This animal hospital is accredited with the AAHA.  Although this animal hospital is a bit more expensive than what I am used to, Sephi and Maya are worth it.  I’d rather visit an animal hospital which I know has up to date information and technology.

For more information on the AAHA, visit their website at www.aahanet.org.  The AAHA also has a website called www.healthypet.com which is a great resource for all sorts of health information on dogs.

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