Dog Breeds Puzzle – Match the Dog Breeds to Groups

Free Online Puzzle

Test your knowledge of dog breeds.  Mix and match dog breeds with each corresponding group.  Dog breeds are listed below, A-K.  Match with the corresponding group, 1-11.  The solution will be posted in three days from the date of this post.

A) Newfoundland
B) Boston Terrier
C) Harrier
D) Canaan Dog
E) Rat Terrier
F) Afghan Hound
G) Catahoula
H) Corded Poole
I) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
J) English Setter
K)West Highland White Terrier

1) AKC Sight Hound (Hound Group)
2) AKC Scent Hound (Hound Group)
3) AKC Working Group
4) AKC Sporting Group
5) AKC Non-Sporting Group
6) AKC Toy Group
7) AKC Terrier Group
8) AKC Herding Group
9) AKC Miscellaneous Class
10) Non-AKC American Dog Breed
11) Foreign Dog Breed (Non-AKC)

See how many dog breeds you can match without having to check in books or online.  If you want to know more about the various dog breeds of the world, including AKC dog breeds, check out “The New Encyclopedia of the Dog” by Bruce Fogle.


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