Summer Danger – High Rise Syndrome

If you are like me and want to save money on electricity, you are probably keeping some windows and doors open this summer.  And if your dogs are like mine, they love to stick their noses out and catch the scents and see the sites.  But if you live more than one story off the ground, there is a danger to keeping your windows open.

Every year at this time of year, thousands of pets fall out of an open window.  It happens so often that veterinarians have termed High Rise Syndrome.  According to the ASPCA, “Falls can result in shattered jaws, punctured lungs, broken limbs and pelvises—and even death.”

To prevent your pet from falling out of an open window, be sure that your windows are securely screened.  For more information on this pet risk, visit the


One Response to “Summer Danger – High Rise Syndrome”

  1. Juliette and Dougie my Westie Says:

    Frightening, I had no idea this was common. When Dougs was a puppy, I had opened a sash window by pushing it up and whilst on the phone, to my absolute horror saw this small puppy walking along the window ledge outside – he had climbed on the back of the sofa and just got out. My heart was in my mouth as we were upstairs in my bedroom. I grabbed him in with relief and only ever opened the window thereafter so that the gap was at the top where he couldn’t reach. Very lucky escape.

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