New Harry and Lola Book – Harry and Lola in Scotland

Harry and Lola in Scotland

If you are a fan of Harry and Lola, you will love the new book, Harry and Lola in Scotland.  In this book, Harry and Lola, two Aberdeen Scottish Terriers, magically visit their ancestral homeland.  In Scotland, they have quite an adventure.

Harry and Lola first visit a Scottish castle near Aberdeen called Dunnottar Castle.  At this castle, they meet a black Scottish Terrier named Mac Duff.  Visiting the castle is fun and educational, but the adventure really begins when Harry and Lola meet a dragon.

Find out what happens by reading Harry and Lola in Scotland.  The book can be purchased at,, or other bookstores.  All proceeds from the book go to Aberdeen Scottish Terrier Rescue.

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One Response to “New Harry and Lola Book – Harry and Lola in Scotland”

  1. Juliette and Dougie my Westie Says:

    Being a big fan of Scottish dogs like terriers and my westie, this book ‘Harry and Lola’ in Scotland really appeals to me, thanks as I have not heard of this must have book for any Scottie dog owner! Good that the proceeds go to a doggie charity, the Aberdeen Scottish Terrier Rescue is a very worthwhile cause (we know this, as both my parents and my hubby’s come from Aberdeen).

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