Maya’s Day Swimming in a Public Pool

Maya Swimming

Maya Swimming

The public pool was open to dogs at Young’s Park & Pool in Overland Park on Saturday, August 20th.  Maya had a lot of fun!  There is another dog pool day at the Tomahawk Ridge Aquatic Center in Overland Park on September 10th.  Maya will go to that one too!!!

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3 Responses to “Maya’s Day Swimming in a Public Pool”

  1. Juliette and Dougie my Westie Says:

    What fun she’s having swimming, you can see it so much in her face!

  2. Jessie Says:

    I agree that Maya looks like she is having a lot of fun. Labs really love water, don’t they? It looks like all but one of the dogs in the photo are labs or retrievers.

  3. ILoveDogs Says:

    The dog pool day at Tomahawk Ridge Aquatic Center on Saturday, September 10th was cancelled. :0(

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